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 small cock humiliation

My husband tells me all the time about his pathetic small cock. I did not want to hear it when I was all ready to go out with my girlfriends this weekend! So I decided to bring home something that he never really expected, though. I had to do what I needed to put my husband in check I was tired of listening to his shit. My husband is always walking around bragging about his cock and how he pleases me I’ll never leave him and all that other shit. But the truth is he has this pathetic tiny little cock that does absolutely nothing for me, and I haven’t gotten off in years. I used just to let him say whatever he wanted and get over it but not anymore.

I brought this guy home from the club while my husband was at work and I took him to my bedroom, and he pulled out his huge monster cock, and I stroked it. Right, when I do that my husband was going to be walking in. He walked in the bedroom, and I could tell that he was Furious, but I told him just to come over here and grab them then they pulled his thing he calls a cock out. And I put it up against the new guys car and I said no this is a car, and this is what really would please a woman just look at that it’s one of those huge monster Mandingo cocks. It’s so happy so thick and it just so delicious and juicy looking.

I wasn’t expecting what I got, this pathetic little worthless husband of mine dropped down to his knees and begged this new guy to shove his monster cock deep into the back of his. He looked up at me, and he apologized to me and told me how worthless and tiny his cock is and how it would never do anything for me. He would never try to fuck me again. He explained to me that all he wanted to do was watch this monster cock tear my little pussy apart and then he wanted to suck every bit of his cum out of my pussy. You can’t tell me that my husband isn’t going to be a damn good cuckold bitch.

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Being pregnant sucks when it’s hot outside. So your favorite Pregnant Phone Sex slut decided to  head to the beach. My hot little ass needs to cool off. So I put on my bikini and grabbed a towel and took off. The sun was warm and since it was a weekday the beach was not very crowded. So I decided to take a little dip in the in the water and cool off.

The water felt so good kissing my sweaty skin and splashing my throbbing lactating breasts. I noticed an older gent watching me play in the cool water. When I walked back to towel off and lay in the sun for a bit I noticed he hungrily watched my every move. I know old perverts like him. He wanted some young pregnant pussy. Which was fine with me. My Prego hormones have me constantly horny and old perverts are pretty good fucks.

I laid in the sun feeling the warmth of my cunt just making me hotter and hotter. I started rubbing oil on my body and low and behold here he came like jack, quickly offering to help I laid down and let him oil up my belly then he started at my feet working his way up my legs my thighs … I could see his lust growing in his speedo by this time we were among the last people on the beach. We wondered off down the path next thing I know he had me bent over the fence ready to take every inch of him. He pulled my hips hard against him with ever groan I knew he was getting ready to shoot his load quick so I reached down and rubbed my clit or he’d be done and I would be left horny. I was about to cum when I heard him almost growl he pulled out and blew his load all over my ass. He shyly apologizes and helped me clean off before he walked me back to the beach.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.