Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

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I a willing to bet that Humiliation Phone Sex is the only way your dick gets hard? Well, aren’t you a pathetic fucking sissy. Call me for a Sissy Faggot boy session and I will have you quivering on your knees with your head hung low ashamed of holding your tiny hard-on begging for a release.
You are Mommy’s obedient Faggot Phone Sex whore ready to get nasty. Now go into your sister’s room find her pretty things, you cross dressing phone sex slut. I want you dressed to the nines in her pink frilly bra, panties and garter belt. Now stockings and heels then paint your lips like the whore that you are. 

Now for the fun stuff. Look for her sex toys you fucking pervert, her titty pinchers, dildos and most importantly her 9 inch strap-on phone sex dick. To the kitchen for a wooden spoon now a nice big wine bottle will do. Grab the bottle of lube too. you’ll surely need it before I’m done with you.
Back to the bathroom in front of the full length mirror, Are your ready for your Domination Phone Sex session? Get your phone out bitch, now stick that big dildo in your mouth and suck it. Take a selfie, you fucking gay sissy boy, now send it to your sister and girlfriend show them you’re mommy’s little cock sucking whore.
 Look at yourself in the mirror and keep sucking mommy’s strap on dick, do you see that you’re a faggot? Get busy, cock sucking faggot , get on your knees then sit on that wine bottle, bounce on it, take it deep. Now slap your clitty and balls with the wooden spoon, play with your tits, use your titty pinchers. Don’t you look a site, you’re a Twisted Phone Sex fuck! Now jerk your clitty and shoot a big load. 

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