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There’s this guy at the gym that I go to that’s always looking at me. During workouts, I can just feel his eyes glaring holes through me. When I’m in the locker room, he’s always there trying to get my attention. Taking off his clothes, showing and flexing his body in front of me. He’s very attractive, pretty hardcore muscular and hairy. I had a dream last night when I got home and got comfortable in my bed. My phone suddenly rings. It’s the guy from the gym!
In the dream, he and I were having this hot, steamy conversation where it led to us having Muscle Bear Phone Sex. He was telling me how he wanted to wrestle with me with nothing but a thong on with his balls tied. He also admitted to not being able to take his eyes off of me at the gym as he stroked his hard, hairy cock. The Muscle Bear Phone Sex felt so strong, masculine and overpowering immediately going into it. Grabbing my full attention.
We began to wrestle over dominance over another and then other things led to another. We began having an amazing make-out session and then that led to us tongue fucking each other’s assholes. FaggotPhone Sex took its strong grip on me. It really felt like there was a real, live animal eating my soul alive. I was loving every minute of it. During Muscle Bear Phone Sex, the bear and I continued to wrestle for dominance and by this time, I had tamed the beast and made the bear my bitch.
He wanted me to shove my thick, chocolate hard cock in his mouth dipped in honey while singing the theme song of Winnie The Pooh. I made him beg for it. He loved the taste of honey mixed with chocolate as the bear was begging for more Muscle Bear Phone Sex. I started injecting my sweet nectar all into his fucking mouth as he started to choke and gag. In the end, my hard bee sting put the bear to sleep as he went into deep hibernation. He swallowed his last drop of my injected sweet nectar going out for the count.
The big, muscled bear met his match with my Dominant Phone Sex. I must give it to myself as he was pretty tough to take down but a man like me, always “cums” out on top! Literally! Come and experience for yourselves all you Muscle Bears. My honey is organic, raw and unfiltered. Daddy’s got honey dipped in chocolate that’s just waiting for ya!
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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

Cougar phone sex always makes me so happy. I love seeking out a hot young man, especially a man who has yet to experience all the things I can teach him, and use to seduce him. I get so excited knowing that he has no idea what it is he is getting himself into.Of course, I am the one who takes control once I get him right where I want him. Surely you wouldn’t expect anything else. He may have never experienced sensual domination or any kind of sex before, really, but he will soon learn that he won’t be able to get enough of it when I’m the one who is dishing it out.

I always make it his job to please me first. What would be the point of cougar phone sex if I am not being pleased? But after that, I like to toy with him a bit, bringing him to the brink of an orgasm over and over until he understands just who is in charge.

I like to jerk him off just to see how long it takes him to cum and then how long it takes him to get hard again, and how many times he can get it up. I like to find out how sensitive his nipples are or even perhaps a little experimentation with pain play. Oh, and prostate play, too, of course. It can be a little humiliating, but I’m so good with my long fingers and my hands. I can be a very stimulating experience, to say the least. I promise not to hurt you too bad though only to make sure that we will both have lots of fun and definitely get off together in more ways than one. After all, I am here to pleasure you and hope that you want to pleasure me too!

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

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Drugs are everyone’s addiction, Let’s a fucking party, get high and having Phone Sex. There is nothing fucking better then be high on drugs and getting fucked. Let’s snort up this fucking drug and get high as hell and then let the drugs kick in and fuck like we are in fucking heat. Lay a fat fucking line out on my pussy and snort it up and then lick my pussy and asshole. I will lay a fat ass line on your dick and snort it up and suck your dick as I get high.

Lets fucking get stupid crazy high and fuck all night long. I get so horny when I am partying and fucking and having No Taboo phone sex, let’s have a cold drink and smoke some weed. Puff and pass motherfuckers. Let’s call some more friends over and we can have a fucking gangbang orgy and more drugs. Lets party all night long and fuck fuck fuck let there is no tomorrow. We can fucking party all weekend and have some good ole sex. Lets rock n roll blare that fucking music loud, let the neighbors hear us party, maybe they will come over and join us.

The more dicks the better I am such a cum worship phone sex cock whore and a drug-loving bitch. Get me high and fuck my holes, ride a train on me and fuck me for glory. You can call me and listen to me do my drugs and masturbate for you, I want to hear you as well party on the phone with me. Let me be your drug and rock your world, nothing like partying hard and cumming even harder. The higher I get the hornier and wetter I get and want to fuck. Can you handle me? Can you party with me? Are you looking for a partying girl to have fun with? Are you looking for a phone sex call?

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What girl would not want to have a little Daddy Phone Sex? I mean that is the first man ever to see you naked, don’t you think that he should be the first one to show you how to use that little body of yours? My mom told me that I should do whatever dad wanted me to do because he would be teaching me everything I need to know about pleasing a man. Every night he started giving me lessons. The first one he ever taught me was how to kiss he said that there is something about sliding your tongue back and forth into each other’s mouths. He stated that it would always turn a man on and then I could use that to my advantage and pretty much get anything I wanted.

The lessons went on from there he taught me how to suck, fuck and even taught me how to make a man orgasm with just my tongue but that is a whole other story in itself. He taught me how to please a woman too well mommy helped, but it was mostly daddy. By the time we were done daddy and I had done everything you can imagine together. It was so much fun after all the lessons dad said I bet you learned a lot from all of these. I giggled and said yes to him, but he would be shocked awhile later.

I started coming home with jewelry, a car, money, and gifts for them. He would ask me where I was getting all the money from, and I would tell him he is the one that taught me how beautiful sex was. He did not get what I was saying so I finally came out and said that his first lesson to me was to kiss a man and make him hard and then I could get anything I wanted. Well, I decided to incorporate all of the lessons together and get even bigger things that I wanted. Daddy was like wow so I have my little money making Phone Sex Slut of a daughter huh? Damn right, daddy!

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.
So, you have that cold fish wife at home? The one that doesn’t want to have sex anymore with you. You know the bitch that has you by the balls. You might have children and don’t want to disrupt their happy life. Or just too weak to leave. You’re not alone I’m here to help you!!! I’m Allie your hot GFE  Phone Sex slut. You’re alone in the guest room watching porn jerking your cock. She’s in your bedroom playing with her toys getting off without you. She’s plotting several ways how to spend your money. Trust me she plans to have nothing left for you in the end. Not only do I feel your pain!!! I know how to make you feel extremely well. I know how to take care of your needs. Spend that money before she does. That’s all I care about is pleasing you and taking care of those horny needs. That’s right I just care about your needs.
Yes, you have other options the escort service that every other man in town has been with. How about a hot girlfriend that will be getting tired of your wife getting everything else. Have you by leash and collar threatening to tell her about the two of you. That stone-faced cold bitch wife of yours will have you kicked to the curb. Let’s face it she already thinks you’re pussy-whipped ass already belongs there. Phone sex is nowhere near her telling the judge you cheated.
Some hot No Limits Phone Sex with me will take your masturbation experience to all new level. We will explore all those hot fantasies together. Giving you that hot blowjob till you come in my mouth. Just imagine me taking care of all your sexual needs. The endless amounts of cum you will produce for me cum she turns her nose up at.. Things I always want from you. I will not only want them I will be craving them from you the endless possibilities.
Don’t let her turn you into that weak individual. Even if you’re just unable to leave your comfort zone. Sooner or later it’s going to feel like she has emasculated you. A prisoner that cannot even imagine leaving. Trapped by a sexless coldhart ted manipulating bitch.
You get lonely and have hot manly desires need companionship. You can call me day or night. It may be over the phone or a few Stolen Moments. They will not only be the hottest moments. Just think about all your sexual needs being taken care of. That’s less of your hard-earned money she has to spend. Call me even if it’s just the ear that listens. I will be the hot phone sex call the one that is actually interested in what you have to say & need for a change.
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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

31 May, 2019
As we have met on a dating site you have no idea about the Giantess Phone Sex I have in store for you.  We have been talking for a little over a week. We have decided to meet at a local bar. We are now having a couple drinks in the bar. Flirting laughing and joking and having a good time. We decide to get a room in the hotel upstairs.
I mix us a few drinks we get comfortable on the bed. You in your boxers me in a silky little outfit. We start kissing and touching each other you compliment how silky smooth my pussy is as you rub your fingers under my panties. It feels good as I rub your shaft getting you hard. I see you start to get a strange look in your face and shake your head a little. You start to tell me how you would love to be having some Roleplay Phone Sex with me.
I kind of giggle and tell you that that is a very good place for you. About that time I’m looking a little bigger and taller. I’m starting to look very tall to you it’s not because I’m growing. It’s because I have given you something and you are now shrinking and shrinking, Only you don’t realize it’s you that you are the getting small & is that small yet. Your now down to an inch tall.
  I pick you up by the Scruff of your shirt and hold you up to my face. I then licked you with my sloppy wet tongue. Leaving you dripping wet. As you kicked and squirmed I spread my legs apart. You watched my rather large lips get spread apart with my fingers. I rubbed your little body up and down in between those huge lips. I use your whole body on my clit making it rather large. Moaning as I rub your little body on me. Making me very wet & horny. Then I slide you down across the soft spot above a nice wet sloppy pussy hole. I can hear you screaming no, no! what are you doing?

I can feel you flopping and slapping around in that wet pussy hole. You’re fighting it but you know you’re going to go into that sloppy wet pussy. I begin to slide your whole body inside of me. I giggle at the thought of the Wild giantess phone sex we are about to have. Giggling. Let’s finish this with a hot Kinky Phone Sex call.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.



I just love talking to all the older men who like extreme age play. I am such a bad girl. I can’t help it. It gets me really going  during my No Taboo Phone Sex calls. Who knew when I used to masturbate and talk to all the boys in my school.   I would end up here masturbating my bald slit to dirty phone sex perverts like yourselves. I mean come on who can resist a hot little body like this? I am dark and twisted when it comes to what I want in life. Tonight is no exception because this time I want your ass! Thats right, this young innocent looking girl wants to dominate and rape that tight  ass of yours.

I want you to bend over for my thick Strap On Dildo… I am going to ram and pound  you until you submit to me. I want you to scream out and beg for mercy while I pound your pink man pussy. But we both know that no matter how much you fucking scream or cry, you are still going to be my bitch tonight. How does it feel for a Barely Legal Phone Sex slut to be taking advantage of you? Don’t think this will be the only time, oh no! You will be back for more.

and whats even more intense than that is my lust for pain. You see, to me pain is pleasure. That is why everyone that calls me for Spanking Phone Sex always calls back repeatedly. Because you guys are into the pleasure that pain brings you. You want to be my submissive sissy bitch and that is okay. I don’t mind sharing my valuable time with you to treat you like the dirty little cock sucking whore you are. Ohhhh brings me to the end of our session. Which you will be sucking my strap on clean… No need to leave your nasty shit stains on my dildo. So do you think you have what it takes? Do you think you have the balls to call me for your No Taboo Phone Sex session tonight?

                        Barely Legal Phone sex with Dedra Alison 800 613 1829 

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

You are such a pathetic nasty Panty Sniffer.You are the worst kind of pathetic Sissy Faggot Phone Sex boy, aren’t you? I caught you again! Stealing panties from the hamper and jerking your cock off with them. You have quite a collection, your Wife’s, your Daughters, her friends that spend the night and even Grandmas panties.
 You sick addicted pervert! You are addicted to the smell of a woman’s cum and juices or in some cases little girls or even an old ladies. I even send you mine and my daughters after they have been worn for days. I laughed so hard at the picture you sent me of you wearing your mother in laws big granny panties. You were so pathetic with them hanging off of you and your cock sticking out so hard inside of them.
 Here you are again with a fresh new pair stolen from that little neighbor girl that spent the night last night. They have a little brown skid mark in the back and it looks like she masturbated and came very hard in them. She and your daughter must have played hard last night together. Now you can take a deep breath with them on your nose and breathe her smell. Then you can wrap them around your cock and feel that silky lacy material speeding up and down the shaft. We shouldn’t call that little thing a shaft though. Hehehe look how tiny. You are a little dick sissy. Even worse a panty sniffing little dick faggot!
 Go ahead and pull them tight around the head they are still so moist from her cum and cunt juices. Just close your eyes and imagine her wrapped around your throbbing cock and blow your hot load right into them. I can always get you to that point with Panty Sniffing Phone Sex.
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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

What don’t you like a dominating teen like me? Well, that is your fucking problem. I am a Dominant Teen Phone Sex Queen. I am a brat and am not scared to admit, I have always felt like I should get what I want and how I want it If you do not like it then talk to my parents about it because they are the ones that taught to be demanding and always go for what I want. Sometimes I pushed it a little too far they said, but I still got what I wanted. I think that my teacher had a big issue with it because he would tell me to do something in class and I would always refuse and do it, however, I wanted to do it. I just always felt I was right.

One day after class he told me I needed to stay. When we were alone, he said that he did not appreciate how I talked to him and that I needed to learn to listen and do as he says in his class. I busted out laughing and asked him are you fucking kidding me? Did you just say that I need to listen to you? He looked at me like he was confused I just kept going off telling him I would not tolerate anyone talking to me like that. I expect to be treated with respect and I will do the things in his class the way that I want too. I said to him and if you do not like it then you can go fuck yourself. He told me he was going to report me, so I told him to shut up and sit down. You are a fucking  sissy and don’t you forget it

That is where he finally learned his lesson he sat down in the chair and said yes whatever you want to do we will do. I said good boy now lick my ass and massage it makes me feel better and do not stop until I can not cum anymore. He started to try to say no, but when I slapped him on his face and told him to do it now, he bowed down like he was supposed to do and went to licking and drained my pussy of all the cum it had. Now if you do not like being told what to do by a dominant teen, then I am not the one to call. Because I will only do what I want your feelings and thoughts mean nothing to me.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


 Not everyone expects a Shemale Phone Sex Girl to be walking around in a bar with a skirt on apparently. I went to the bar this weekend and met this really nice gentleman. We had a few drinks together and well got a little drunk and he decided that he wanted to go back to his place. I agreed, on the way over there I tried to tell him I had a secret that I needed to tell him. But, all he wanted to do was keep making out and play with my tits. He leaned over and started to suck on my nipples making his way between my legs with his hand. I grabbed it and told him I needed to tell him something. He just smirked and then we got back to his place.
He walked me inside and did not even let me get past his front door before he had dropped down to his knees like a little cock sucker. He grabbed my cock with both hands and started to choke on my cock. He took his mouth off and told me that he noticed the bulge I had earlier in the night and he knew what he wanted to do to me before we even made it back to his house. He sucked me off for a long time, I did not want to cum in his ass, though.
He bent over the counter in his kitchen and I took his ass virginity with no problem. He had such a nice and tight hole just the way I like it. He is now my ass whore! He said that he wants me to come over at least once a week to tear up that ass of his. Who said a shemale can’t give a man some good ole Anal Phone Sex.
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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.