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I am such a naughty girl and I love Naughty Teen Phone Sex so much.

“I am a little bit of an exhibitionist I can not help it I love showing off my cock.” That is what the dirty old perverted man said to me sitting in the car by the park I was playing at. I said well my mommy and daddy said that it is naughty to do and you can get in trouble for it. He told me he did not give a shit he was going to continue to expose himself and there was not a damn thing I could do to stop him. I started to walk away but I felt someone grab me from behind and it was him pulling me into the car. I started screaming for help and he put his hand over my mouth and told me if I screamed he would hurt me and my whole family. I said okay and asked him where he was taking me. He ignored me and just kept driving.

After what seemed like hours we pulled up to this big abandoned warehouse. He told me to get out it was time for me to be an exhibitionist now. I told him no please I do not want to show anyone my body I promised my parents I would never do anything like that. He carried me inside and there were a hundred men in there and when they saw me it was like they started drooling over me. They were saying nasty things to me about fucking me, violating my ass and cumming on me. I started to cry and it seemed like they liked it. Some of them even said they love fucking little girls while they are crying. I did not know what to do so I promised I would do anything they told me to do.

They ordered me to take all my clothes off and show them my tiny little bare body. I did and then each one of them took their pants down and I saw nothing but cocks some big and some small but they were all standing straight up hard as rocks. I asked them what they were going to do to me, they said no you should be asking what you’re going to do for us. The man who grabbed me got into the circle and said over here now. I walked over there and he said you are going to play a game its called musical cocks like musical chairs and I know you have played that before you were doing it at the park. So you are going to do whatever the guy wants you to do until the music stops. I promised I would behave just so that I could go home. By the time I got to the tenth guy out of one hundred of them every hole was popped and full of cum. I had cum in my hair and on my face and was just soaked in it. I was not crying anymore, though, and it may sound a little taboo but I was liking it and wanted to continue to the hundredth one. I wanted my little holes violated more now you tell me if that is not some Naughty Teen Phone Sex.

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Being pregnant sucks when it’s hot outside. So your favorite Pregnant Phone Sex slut decided to  head to the beach. My hot little ass needs to cool off. So I put on my bikini and grabbed a towel and took off. The sun was warm and since it was a weekday the beach was not very crowded. So I decided to take a little dip in the in the water and cool off.

The water felt so good kissing my sweaty skin and splashing my throbbing lactating breasts. I noticed an older gent watching me play in the cool water. When I walked back to towel off and lay in the sun for a bit I noticed he hungrily watched my every move. I know old perverts like him. He wanted some young pregnant pussy. Which was fine with me. My Prego hormones have me constantly horny and old perverts are pretty good fucks.

I laid in the sun feeling the warmth of my cunt just making me hotter and hotter. I started rubbing oil on my body and low and behold here he came like jack, quickly offering to help I laid down and let him oil up my belly then he started at my feet working his way up my legs my thighs … I could see his lust growing in his speedo by this time we were among the last people on the beach. We wondered off down the path next thing I know he had me bent over the fence ready to take every inch of him. He pulled my hips hard against him with ever groan I knew he was getting ready to shoot his load quick so I reached down and rubbed my clit or he’d be done and I would be left horny. I was about to cum when I heard him almost growl he pulled out and blew his load all over my ass. He shyly apologizes and helped me clean off before he walked me back to the beach.

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I love talking to all the hot older men who like extreme age play. It gets me really going  during my No Taboo Phone Sex calls. Who knew when I used to masturbate to all the boys in my school, talking on my cell phone, that I would end up here masturbating my bald slit to dirty phone sex perverts like yourselves. I mean come on who can resist a hot little body like this? I am dark and twisted when it comes to what I want in life. Tonight is no exception because this time I want your ass!


I want you to bend over for my thick Strap On Phone Sex dildo… I am going to railroad you until you submit to me. I want you to scream out and beg for mercy while I pound your pink man pussy. But we both know that no matter how much you fucking scream or cry, you are still going to be my bitch tonight. How does it feel for a Barely Legal Phone Sex slut to be taking advantage of you? Don’t think this will be the only time, oh no! You will be back for more.

Pain is pleasure… That is why everyone that calls me for Spanking Phone Sex always calls back repeatedly. Because you guys are into the pleasure that pain brings you. You want to be Mistress Alexias’ bitch and that is okay. I don’t mind sharing my valuable time with you to treat you like the dirty little cock sucking whore you are. Ohhhh brings me to the end of our session. Which you will be sucking my strap on clean… No need to leave your nasty shit stains on my dildo. So do you think you have what it takes? Do you think you have the balls to call me for your Rough Phone Sex session tonight?

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Who doesn’t just love a Cheap Phone Sex teen slut! Donetta Jolie is the perfect example of the cheap little slut that you will find at the Taboo Phone Sex site. She loves to do anything to get her followers off. A wide variety of role plays and scenarios are sure to make all those cocks cum. From the young ones that need a “babysitter” all the way to the much older cocks that desire a submissive daughter to break in every single night before she drifts off to sleep. Whatever you pleasure, this No Limits Phone Sex whore is sure to do it!

Come on now, really dig into your fantasy closet. What is the one thing that you want more than anything sexually. This gentleman called earlier for Donetta and he asked for her to be his Strap On Phone Sex mistress. Even being a teen, she was more than happy to oblige. She took him to her little room of toys. Bent him over her four poster bed and tied him up. She wanted to make sure that he did not move. Spreading his virgin asshole wide open, she slid her big black cock into him and fucked away until he was squirting all over the bed.

He was one happy camper, let me tell you. She is so popular, that she has guys that call her day after day. Every morning on his way to work, he calls her. Of course that is after he has left his happy little wife at home. She is none the wiser at his Cheating Phone Sex calls. He pulls his cock out and drives through McDonalds every morning. He loves it that his favorite slutty teen makes him perform embarrassing and humiliating acts. He really gets off to Voyeur Phone Sex. No matter what you it is that you want, our Cheap Phone Sex slut Donetta will have you loving TPF!

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So today we are going to talk about this powerful tool you possess known as the tongue. The tongue can raise someone up and bring them back down again better than anything. It can lift you up to ecstasy very quickly. The tongue has many uses but we are only talking about this one use today. We are going to use it to explore a woman’s body with Body Worship Phone Sex. I have talked to a couple of you and I am not sure that a single one of you knows just how to properly worship a woman’s body. Although I have trained a few of you in the fine art of ass licking and we have hit on a few finer points as well.
The tongues are wonderful for focusing on all parts of the body like the tits, ass, pussy, and feet I particularly love it when someone focuses on my feet and gets in between the toes during a well-done Foot Worship Phone Sex session. I want to feel your tongue glide up and down the whole length of my calf and thigh. I want to feel your tongue’s wetness as it slithers across my stomach, snaking around the belly button.
I want you to lick up my sides and even into my armpits as they are definitely an erogenous zone that some people neglect. I want you to lick down to my wrists and take each lovely finger to your lips and suck it like you are trying to tell me what you want to be done to your cock. Who knows, if I feel properly worshipped today during our call, I might just oblige you.Now give me a call and don’t keep me waiting let’s have some fun! I am already hot and ready!
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