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Barely Legal phone sex…Graduation is an emotional time for most a time for celebration. For me, it’s like being released from hell, pure torture. Most people didn’t get me anyway so when I was invited to one of the little prissy chick’s party I was sure it was a joke. I am always up for a good challenge, so I decide to show up dressed like the freak I am. I show up, and she and all her cookie cutter friends were sitting out on the patio. Some of the guys were rough housing, and their white bread music was blaring.

Everyone was having fun but when I walked in the air nearly stood still… I felt them all staring. But I wasn’t going to let it bother me. I heard a few whispers and sneers. I wondered again while Miss Priss invited me. So I waited and watched. There were a few of the other outcasts at this party also and that just made me suspicious. These  bitches can sometimes be more sadistic than I ever thought to be. So I sat back, and I watched.

Then I noticed one of the jocks flirting with one of the little girls, and he was coaxing her just to have one drink. I also noticed that the drink never got empty. A while later I noticed the virgin was MIA and so were about six of the jocks. I started roaming around and found them all in the basement recreation room about  to run a fucking gang bang on the poor drunk girl. “ I spewed out that it’s rape if any of them touch her.” The sadistic little bastards laughed. I pulled my blade from my bag and cut the biggest one ever so slightly on the cheek. I got a big thrill from it I have to admit. It did serve the purpose the rest of them cursed something under their breath about me being an evil bitch, and they didn’t want sloppy seconds, thirds or fourths anyway.

I told them to carry her upstairs and call her a cab or I’d tell everyone I caught them sucking each other off. The only one left down stairs with me was a big man on campus who spews well you cost me a fuck freak girl so now you can let me fuck you. “ I told him okay but not here… I wanted him to take me to my favorite place. I’d meet him by his truck  in ten minutes.

I stood out by his truck and waited it took him nine minutes to come slinking out… this was going to be fun… I would be the fuck he never forgets. I was going to get wet from every little cut I make on his worthless body. *evil laugh” this might be the most fun I have had all year. You’ll have to call me to hear all the Torture Phone Sex I put him thr0ugh.

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I really never thought about Kinky BDSM and Domination  Phone Sex before. But then there was this one night that I met this guy at this club. It didn’t take long to find out that he was just a little different. He told me that he was into tying girls up. I first told him he was crazy and that he was never going to do that to me. He didn’t seem to mind that I was not into it he just said  let me try it with your friend first and  being the slut that she is she was going  for it.

Once we were at her place and comfortable She laid he head back and  put her arms up on the headboard, and she let him tie her up legs and arms. He then placed a blindfold over her eyes. He asked me if I would  grab some plastic . He had brought in this bag that was full of his toys. It seemed to me to be like Saran Wrap. At that point I was very  curious as to what he was going to do next. He started to wrap her from her legs to her chest in it. He made sure that he left her pussy open so that it was not covered. Once she was completely covered in the wrap. He spread her legs apart while they were still tied up and bound.

While her legs were spread apart he started to stroke his cock it was  big thick and juicy  and getting rock hard. He climbed up and slid inside of her. I watched as he pumped her hard. I was getting excited and very wet as I watched. He wrapped his hands around her neck and began to choke her lightly. I was shocked  At first but I could see her expression and I could tell that she was loving it. She started to cum and I couldn’t help myself, I plunged my fingers deep inside my cunt and made myself cum too. When I saw him moving in and out of her and the way that her body  was moving I knew that I had to experience the same thing.

I was enjoying it I wanted it to. Once he was done fucking her I lay down on the bed, and I put my arms up and spread my legs apart, and I let him wrap me up just like he did her. I fucking loved it!  So now anytime a man wants to try Domination Phone Sex with me  I am  ready for it. Give me a call and let’s try it out !

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I am in love with No Taboo Phone Sex, especially brown showers.My first experience was with this guy named John.  He said he was deep into brown showers and anything to do with the bathroom. He loved laying down on the bed and begging me to please come over and squat down and urinate all over his face and mouth and even on his chest. He then pulled me down onto his mouth telling me how much he wanted all my wastes inside of him.

He begged me to push hard, and I farted, and he started to sniff and said he loved how my fart smelled. He stated that he wanted me to keep pushing and when I did a shit log began to come out into his mouth. He opened his mouth wider and begged me to push harder. That is when my shit got out more. He was moaning, and you could see the precum dripping out of his cock because he was so excited to have my delicious sweet smelling shit in his mouth.

Once my shit log was in his mouth and got up and started to ride his cock. He kept sucking on my shit dildo. He was deep throating it just like a woman would when she was sucking a dick. He started to chew it up. He loved eating my shit, and we both came so hard while he was doing it. Now that is some hot Bathroom Phone Sex Have you ever had this kind of call before? If you like to talk about shit or piss, then I would love to talk to you. It turns me on so much now that I know more about it. I can not wait to do it again especially watching a man such a shit dildo!


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Running out of KY Jelly my new man decided to try coconut oil on my old dried up pussy. Well after spreading oil on my lips he started eating away art my pussy licking and slurping and nibbling on my clit more than he ever has done with the KY that we used in the past. I figured he would have because he loves coconut. I am glad that he decided to use this shit because my pussy was getting so wet and was already starting to cream a little.

He even started eating my ass when the juices started to drip back there too. When it came time for his monster cock it slid in with no problem as he held my legs up and fucked me good. Normally he has such a hard time going in because my pussy is so old and dried up. When you get older you just do not get as wet as you use too I told him.

The taste of my pussy juice and the coconut oil on his cock drove me wild when I was sucking it off. I was licking it up and down tryingto make sure I left nothing unattended even his balls got lots of attention. Just because I am older than most women on this site does not mean that I am not a freak and do incredibly wild fucking things for sure! I want you to call me now and have coconut oil all ovePussy Licking Phone Sex With Mature Tess 1-800-613-1829r your cock stroking it for me while I put a little on my fingers and rub my clit for you so we can both cum so fucking hard together. Call me now I will be waiting for you so we can get off hard together over and over again.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


I had a recent Mommy Phone Sex experience I want to tell you about. I was in the shower when I heard some deep breathing I knew there was someone in the bathroom with me. I looked over and saw my middle son standing there. Even though I could not see his cock, I knew he was stroking it just by the moans that he was making. I decided not to say anything and keep washing my sexy body. I made sure that I faced him so he could see all of his mommies hot body especially my big tits. I could hear him breathing louder and louder.

I turned the water off and said come here little one. He walked in, and his face beat red. I told him not to be shy I knew what he had been doing, and I was going to help him. I said you need just to show it to me first.He hesitated for a moment but then showed me. It was hard as a brick, and it was throbbing hard. I started to rub my pussy. When I started moaning, he began rubbing his cock again jacking it off even faster and harder now.

It took me a very long time to cum, but my little boy was cumming all over the place before I even got started. He kept watching, though. When I was ready to cum, I called him over and let him get on his knees in front of the tub and lick my sweet pussy and its cum. He said he loved the taste of it and wanted to tease me like that all the time. Now I will be having a lot of incest pedo fantasies that is for sure! Naughty little boy! Now pick up the phone and lets talk about your fantasies! I will be waiting to hear all about them!

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The worthless boy that had to stay in a cage for being so damn bad. I ordered my boy into his cage where he belongs for being a little faggot. I can not believe the teacher caught him and another boy in the bathroom. I raised my boy to like girls, and he fucking wants to get trapped in the bathroom sucking on another boy dick disgusting. Then I got a call again for him being bent over and being another boys bitch. I will not have any boy like that in my house living a normal life. He is liked in the cage every minute of every day that he is at home. He only gets crumbs in the cage and sometimes nothing at all if I find out that he was a faggot at school. I beat him to it who would ever want to be with someone like this?

He begs me all the time just to let him be him but how can I worthless fuck. Have I been thinking though since he is a faggot and probably is always going to be then, I may as well make something off of it right? I told him he could be one but only when I let him out of the cage and only if I get paid for it. He said that the boys at school are willing to pay fifty for every fuck and twenty for every time he sucks their cocks. That is plenty of money for me, so we started inviting them over.

I never thought for a minute that I would have a little faggot cock sucker for a son. I guess no mom ever thinks that she will. He could be with a woman, not some damn boy. I am ashamed of him, and after he is done with being the faggot, he is to eat dinner and then get locked back in his cage like the worthless little fuck he is. I never want to see his face again unless it is for him to hand me some money for being a little cock faggot.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

I posted an ad in the newspaper today looking for at least twenty men to do some work on my house. They are all going to be I told them that I wanted them to be in complete control they could do anything they wanted to me. There would be no limits at all. As long as they promised to each have a turn with me and to make sure all my holes were filled with cum and to not leave any hole out. They all agreed, I stood up and took all my clothes off and then got on my hands and knees in doggy style position I figured it would be the best position to be in for them to be able to get to all my holes. They all stood up and pulled their cocks out. Within a few seconds, I had each one of my holes filled by cocks, and soon all my holes had cum inside of them.

One by one they kept switching in and out until was so full of their cum and then they did not stop there, though. They said to give me one last nasty fucking time before they all left they ordered me to my knees and they made a big circle me and jacked off and when they were ready to cum they shot it on my face, in my hair, nd my mouth. Anywhere they wanted too as long as I was a cum filled slut I did not care at all.
You are in for a surprise though since I was looking for gang bang phone sex. They all show up within minutes apart they were all trying to figure out why I had each one of them just waiting. Once all of them were there I told them what I placed the ad for. I figured some of them would leave when I said it, but they all just looked at one another and started saying they were down for it.
Gang Bang Phone Sex With Kiley Smith 1-800-613-1829 
Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

Are you looking for a No Limits Phone Sex operator to take care of your twisted hard core sexual desires? Look no further, I’m the girl for you. I’m a mature MILF  with lots of experience handling horny men with twisted hard core sexual cravings. You want a woman that’s not afraid to get down right dirty, to go all the way and not get shy when she tells you exactly what she wants and how to do it either. That’s me, I’ve got that dirty streak embedded deep in my soul, if fact nothing gets my cunt hotter than when I’m going all the way in a no limits phone sex encounter, and making you cum.

My caller wanted a phone sex mistress to tame his cross dressing phone sex desires in his fantasy phone sex call. I started with a feminization phone sex session and made him dress up in his wife’s clothes: her bra and panties, garter belt, stockings and heels, then I told him to get all dolled up, make up and hair-do too. I told him to take some selfies and text them to me; I wanted to see how he looked like a woman. I called him Sally from then on and told her to get her favorite sex toy, the BBC dildo and start sucking , she needed to practice her oral phone sex skills. She sucked that dildo as if it was a cock and loved it too. By now her little clitty was swollen and about to cum: she then bent over and jammed her dildo in her pussy, pussy worshiping phone sex was all she could think about as she pounded her cunt and jerked her clitty until she squirted cumming harder than ever before. I told her she’s a woman from now on, a good cock sucker too and when you have a no limits phone sex operator all your cross dressing desires cum true.

Don’t hesitate, call me when you need a no limits phone sex operator, you won’t be disappointed. I know just what you need and I’ll stop at nothing, I mean there are no limits with me, you’ll get just what you’re craving and then some. I’ll have you jerking then cumming and cumming like never before.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


May sound a little strange but I love lactation phone sex. I have always loved the taste of breast milk my mommy lets me suck the milk from her tits until I was a teen and sometimes she still lets me when I want too. Even though I love dick for sure. I also go after pregnant women that are lactating. Do not get me wrong I love the taste of pussy but being able to suck on those nipples and get all that delicious milk out is such a turn on and that is what makes me cum the hardest.

If I got to choose all the time what I want I would choose to be bent over in doggy style with my ass up in the air being fucked by a nice big cock and have the fat pregnant girl in front of me feeding me the yummy milk coming from her tits. I know for sure that I would cum hard as hell having that done to me. It always makes me cream and after I do I love to have the pregnant girl lay down in front of me and let me suck all her cum out of her cunt.

My mommy is still my favorite one to drink milk from, though. She loves having incest fun with daddy and me together. She lets me drink her milk while daddy fucks me and cums deep inside of me. Daddy has been trying for a long time to get me pregnant. He says that when he does my little one and I will be able to share my own breast milk and still my mommy’s too and even daddy’s cream if you know what I mean. So, if you are into any of these hot fetishes you should give me a call and let’s have some hot fucking fun!

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

face sitting phone sex

Face sitting phone sex I love. There is just something hot about having a man or woman lay down on the bed and you just climbing up on top of them and plopping your ass and pussy right down on their face. The feeling of their tongue moving around from hole to hole licking and nibbling. Trying their hardest to get you all wet and hot and bothered. They reach up and play with your nipples getting them nice and hard for you as they squeeze your tits trying to pull you down harder on their face.

You do not hesitate for even a minute to sit down harder on their face. Hell, sometimes I press down so hard that I can hear them trying to catch their breath. I won’t lie sometimes that is such a turn on knowing they can’t breathe for just a few seconds. See I love me some edge play phone sex too. Taking them to the point of not being able to breathe thinking they are going to pass out and then giving them a little air and taking it away again over and over again. It brings so much pleasure to my hot pussy thinking about it. Even though they act like they don’t like it they do. They even cum harder when I do it.

So if you are into face sitting or edge play then I am definitely the lady for you. I love being extreme and trying anything wild and kinky. Cutting,choking,breathe play all of that is for me within limits I always want the person to be safe but just taken to the edge. After all, it is fun fantasy roleplay we are having here so call me and lets talk about all out dark desires that we have always wanted to try that we have been worried what others would do or think if they knew. Nothing is too extreme for me is it for you?

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.