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All the strong and dirty men out there come to join me for some Age Play Phone Sex right now. Today I had a kinky perverted man call me for a roleplay!“ where I was a young submissive whore”. I got down on my knees every time he snapped his fingers. Of course, I was then expected to give his BBC cock stroking and lots of cock sucking. He then had me cum eating every load.

He instructed me to be a Submissive Phone Sex whore, and giving into his authority, by putting my hands in handcuffs and my feet a rope to the bedpost. He gave me a severe spanking and brought in an experienced older woman into the fantasy and made her start fisting my pussy and then she dominated me. I love being dominated and being very nasty can you handle something like that?

How humiliating it was when him and I fucked my pussy and ass with a big strap-on and then I came all over. The dirty man was really into watching the milf do me he jacked off hard. For extremely twisted age play Phone Sex call me right now. I am waiting with the phone in my hand ready to get off and have a phone with you. I do not care what it is that you want to do. I am willing to try it all the nasty, kinkier, and wilder it can be the better. I want you to dominate me in ways that I have never been dominated before. Now pick the phone up and call me and take control. Tell me how things are going to be and what I am allowed to do. Let me be your submissive little whore!

Age Play Phone Sex With Robin Ramey 1-800-613-1829

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


My husband deserves Humiliation Phone Sex.I have to remind him of that  all the time. He needs to hear about his pathetic small cock and how it doesn’t do anything for me. I do not want to hear his whining when I am all ready to go out with my girlfriends for the weekend.

So this time I decided I would bring home something that he would be surprised by. I had to do something to put my husband in check I am so tired of listening to his shit. He is always walking around bragging about his cock and how he pleases me anyway and  I’ll never leave him. But the truth is he has this pathetic tiny little Vienna Sausage that has never satisfied me. I haven’t gotten off with him in years. I used  to let him say whatever he wanted and get over it but not anymore.

I brought this black guy home from the club while Mr Tiny Dick was at work and I took him to my bedroom,  he pulled out his huge monster cock, and I stroked it. Right when I knew that my husband was going to be walking in. He walked in the bedroom, and I could see that look on his face, but I told him just to come over here and be quiet. He did and  then he pulled his thing he calls a cock. And so I put it up against the new guys  and I said no this is a cock, and this is what really would please a woman just look at that it’s one of those huge monster Mandingo cocks. It’s so happy so thick and it just so delicious and juicy looking. He was so humiliated but I could see he was turned on too. That is when I knew I had a Sissy boy good for nothing but Humiliation Phone sex.

I wasn’t expecting what I got when this happened. To my surprise this pathetic little worthless husband of mine dropped down to his knees and begged this new guy to shove his monster cock deep into his wife’s pussy. He looked up at me, and he apologized to me and told me how worthless and tiny his cock is and how it would never do anything for me. He would never try to fuck me again. He explained to me that all he wanted to do was watch this monster cock tear my little pussy apart and then he wanted to suck every bit of his cum out of my pussy. You can’t tell me that my husband isn’t going to be a damn good Cuckold  Phone Sex bitch.

                    Humiliation Phone Sex with Anna Marie Macey 800 613 1829 

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

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Are you a pervert? Do you get hard just thinking about having spoiled Princess Phone Sex with a hot sexy little bitch like me? I am such a  bratty spoiled  Princess and all the girls in my neighborhood hate it. They are so jealous. They act like they should be on the same level as me. How dare they think that they could be as hot as I am.I mean seriously look at me I am too fucking hot for any girl to ever think they could be better than me or even equal to me. Maybe I sound stuck up but my Daddy and taught me that I deserve the world given to me on a platter. My Daddy always bought me anything that I asked for or demanded and said that I should expect the same from any man that ever wants to be with me.

So, now all the men in my town stare at me with lust and want in their eyes and they just can’t keep their eyes off of me. they rape my hot body with their eyes all the time. I know that is why all the girls are so jealous of me. I try to be nice to all of them but it is just so hard when they are not even close to being equal to me. Especially, one of the girls named Sarah that lives right down the road her daddy is always looking at me. I can hear her and her mommy all the time to say stop looking at that slut. But, he just can not stop looking at my fine assed body. He has a few secrets that they don’t know about. He is a Barely Legal Phone Sex pervert for sure!

She really got pissed off when she realized that everything she was asking him for he was getting for me instead of her. He has brought me a new phone, made a car payment for me and those are just the small things. I could go on all day naming the things that he has spoiled me with. I can not help it I am a freaking Princess and deserve the world to make those stupid bitches don’t! I have expensive taste and I am always looking for a nasty perverted Daddy to spoil me so if your cock gets hard when you look at my sexy little body we can have some Spoiled Princess Phone Sex whenever you are ready.

                                         Spoiled Princess Phone Sex with Rochelle 800 613 1829

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.






I just have to tell You all about a new caller that was wanting to know if I was into racism. Now You boys must understand, I am from the Deep South and racial humiliation is just a way of life for me, but yes Your Mistress has partaken in Racial Humiliation Phone Sex on occasion.

I told my caller on my phone sex site about what I guess would be a racial humiliation incident. I was at an almost empty bar with a girlfriend, when this older big black cock phone sex guy walked up to me and offered to buy me a drink. I looked at him and said I don’t think so, I don’t make it a practice to talk to blacks in general. Get this, he apologizes for multiple times for bothering us, so I say ok and order two shots and two drinks and tell him he can pay. He pays and thanks me multiple times, letting me know he would be in the back of the bar if I needed anything else.

Again, at this point my phone sex caller is moaning in pleasure, I tell him that My friend, who unlike me is pretty straight and not at all into anything like racial humiliation asks me to ask this older guy if he will run across the street to get her smokes. I turn my shoulder and sure as the shit old black guy is staring at me standing in the corner of the bar. Now I know he is submissive and waves my hand towards him, he almost runs to me and I tell him to run across the street and buy my friend a pack of Marlboros. He literally runs across the street and returns about two minutes later with smokes for my friend at which point I tell him I didn’t need anything else and he went back to his corner. Your Miss Chase Dietz can go into much greater detail and use the word I know you want to hear, I’m just a phone call away for Racial Humiliation Phone Sex.

Racial Humiliation Phone Sex with Kiley Smith 800 613 1829

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.



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Hey, sweetie, do you ever just want to curl up with that someone special for a GFE Phone Sex experience? Sometimes we all need that little bit of tenderness, and I’ll be absolutely thrilled to give it to you. Bad day at the office? Get into a fight? Just plain feeling down? Don’t worry, sweetheart. Whether you want a naughty phone experience, or just someone to talk to who will tell you how very cared for you are, I am here to help you in any way possible.

We can talk about how your day went while I get the both of us undressed. I’ve already got dinner ready for you, and while you eat, I’ll rub your shoulders. Of course I’m going to end up rubbing lower if you want, darling! What sort of GFE would this be without a little Seductive Phone Sex? It’s my duty as a good fantasy girlfriend to make all of your tension melt away. A nice round of stroking your cock followed by some cock sucking under the table should do the trick, don’t you think? After that, we’ll move to the bedroom, and I’ll give you all of my loving. We can go nice and slow if you want, and I won’t stop kissing you, my wonderful fantasy boyfriend, and telling you how special you are to me. Or, you can throw my legs on your shoulders and give it to me rough. Take out all your tensions on me, honey, I can handle it! It’s all about you tonight, and I’m here to do whatever makes you feel better.

If you’ve had a long day and need to unwind with someone who has some extra love to give, give me a call. It’s my absolute pleasure to see that you’re cared for and happy. I’ll be right here waiting with arms wide open to give you the GFE Phone Sex you crave.

                                 GFE Phone Sex with Desa Rai 800 613 1829 

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


Can you guess what my favorite kind of candy is? It’s your cock! I want to chew on it, smack on it, suck on it, and lick on it just like Cock Candy Phone Sex. I’ve gone on a strictly cock eating diet to where that is all I want to consume. You can call me a “cockatarian”.


I would like my Cock Candy Phone Sex multiple times a day. It fills my sexual appetite every time I swallow it down my throat. The special liquid that cums from it is a bonus for me. It’s another one of my favorite treats. If you’re wanting to bring me your cock for me to tease and turn into my Cock Candy Phone Sex, then, by all means, please contact ASAP.


It’s the best kind of diet that a girl could go on. It’s very nutritious and has all the needs a girl’s body needs. Lots of protein and lots of man meat. I like all different kinds of Cock Candy Phone Sex from men all over the world. I am on a mission to set out to try every kind of cock candy there is in the world. I want all of you guys to bring me your cocks to try so I can scratch them off of my list.


I love things in my mouth and now I want you to be there as well. It;’s your resting place for your cock. I want to drain all of your cum until you can’t cum anymore. I have a deep throat and I love to gag. I never let an inch go to waste so please the more the merrier. If your cock is small, don’t worry. I like all sizes and as I said, I want to try them all. My mouth is getting so watery so please hurry and call me.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.
I love having Hot Phone Sex calls where my clients listen to me telling them how to jerk their dick off. So get me on the phone and sit back and get comfortable. like to tell you to take your pants off expose that dick. It’s not hard yet the sound of my sexy voice & direction will soon have you growing in your hand. Rock hard & throbbing!! Needing wanting more..
 Now rub your hands together and make them warm. I want to see you wrap your hand around it masturbate for me. Yes down at the bottom of your shaft! That’s it squeeze it slowly stroke it to the top. Just ride under the head squeeze it. Slide your palm just up above the crown around your head. That’s it does it kind of tickle loosen your grip and jerk it a few times. I love watching you stroke it gets me so hot and wet. My pussy is already starting to drip with juice. The way your cock grows in your hand is so hot. Pour some lube on their make it slick. Come on baby stroke that for me. 
That’s when I spread my legs and start to touch my swollen lips. Seeing that naked wet pussy does it make your dick harder? Give you some encouragement to jerk it a little faster. Maybe when you see me spread my juicy wet pussy lips apart, you’ll start your lick your lips.  I’ll stick my fingers in and open it up and show you that hot pussy hole. When I pull my sloppy wet fingers out, you see me taste them. You might start to produce a little precum. I guarantee our Masturbation Phone Sex session is guaranteed to make you blow your load!!!!
Cock Stroking Phone Sex with Lynette Harris 800 613 1829
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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.
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I’m daddy’s little Phone Sex slut! I drive daddy wild with my hot tight body and my sexy looks and I make sure I wear the tinniest tight clothes to show off my assets. That’s when I have daddy wrapped around my little finger. I love to tease daddy, some times I’ll make my voice sound really young and pretend I’m an underage phone sex princess. I usually get what I want too, All I have to do is smile and sit on daddy’s lap.
I know he likes it, cause he pulls down my panties and I sit on his cock, then he holds my hips and moves me back and forth, I feel it grow and get harder. Then daddy makes me kiss it too, I wrap my tiny little hands around the shaft of his dick and stroke it up and down, daddy calls it Cock Stroking Phone Sex, and then I put it in my mouth and suck it like an all-day sucker, daddy get’s really excited when I suck his cock, he pulls my hair and holds my face down and shoves his cock down my throat, cock sucking phone sex is hot! I like it when he cums in my mouth. Daddy tells me I’m a good girl for making him feel good.
Daddy likes to look at my naked body too, I just lay on my back with my legs spread wide. Daddy likes to lick and taste all my holes, when he licks my bald cunny he calls it pussy worshiping phone sex, all I know is that it feels really good, I always ask daddy to do it some more. He makes me lay on my belly and licks my bum hole too, that’s called ass worship phone sex, I like to feel daddy’s tongue deep inside my hole. After we’ve been playing awhile when daddy feels nasty and horny he makes me call him a perverted Incest Phone Sex lover.
When his cock gets real hard he calls me a Cock Tease Phone Sex slut then he starts slapping me with his cock. Then he jerks off and blows his load all over me. I feel really naughty then, sometimes he calls me his little nasty phone sex whore.
Do you want to be my daddy? I’ll be your little slut. Let’s do a Fantasy Phone Sex role play to see just how dirty we can get. We can start with a mutual masturbation phone sex session, then I’ll use my little girl voice to get your cock rock hard then we’ll talk nasty. I’ll turn into your phone sex princess and you’ll turn into my nasty  Daddy. Call me, Let’s play!

  Cock Tease Phone Sex with Brianna Rose 800 613 1829

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.



Listen here you nasty little Faggot Boy Sissy! I am the one in charge here and I am the one that will decide when we have Sissy Boy Phone Sex. So, stop your whining you tiny dicked loser! I will let you cum when I am good and ready.

I know you don’t like that cage you are wearing. I have already heard your sniveling a hundred times. You know that you will wind up in trouble if we take it off, you will be wanking that tiny little pencil dick constantly. Bad little sissy Phone Sex Slaves have to be kept in chastity for their own good. I have caught you wanking without permission before, haven’t I?

Remember what I told you about being disobedient to me! I will not tolerate that. You will be punished severely. I really thought that after the last time you would have learned your lesson. Three months of edging and not being allowed to cum should have been enough to teach you a lesson. Orgasm Denial Phone Sex is for your own good. I have explained to you before that you have to be put in your place and that it is for your own good also. All sissies have to be taught where their proper place is and what is expected of them.

I know that you just can’t resist temptation though. you are just a weak submissive faggot boy. This is why you need a strict mistress to give you the proper structure.  You have to accept the fact that you are a worthless worm and that the guidance I give you is best for your own good. You just are not a real man. There is no other way for you to please me or any other woman. You have to learn to be a good little faggot boy servant and take my strap on like a good boy. there will be a big long thick reward for you once you complete your Sissy Boy Phone Sex training.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.
Let’s have an outrageously Hot Phone Sex orgy! How about a two girl call? That way we can have another Sexy operator join us, we’ll pick one with a young girl voice, a Barely Legal Phone sex slut, she’ll be our young daughter. We’ll have a hot threesome and then use our wild imagination to bring the rest of the family into play, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Everyone will be naked and gathered to play.
We’ll get Grandpa to start things going as he pulls out his old hairy cock and starts jerking off, showing his slut of a granddaughter how to do a Cock Stroking Phone Sex session, before you know it he’ll have her naked and cock sucking. Then Daddy will be craving her tiny holes and start a pussy licking and tongue fucking her. He’ll have his face buried in her bald little cunny and his tongue deep in her tight little hole.
We can’t leave mom, the Queen of all Phone Sex whores out of all the action.she will be too busy with her son, she’s deep into his cock sucking and fucking and teasing him until he explodes for her.  He’s lying on his back with his legs spread wide and letting mommy suck his bald little prick and balls.
Aunties, Uncles, and Cousins are all busy too sucking and fucking in this Family fun Phone Sex orgy. Now tell me, which one are you? I’d say it’s time we did a nasty phone sex role play full of lustful incest desires to find out which family dynamic makes your cock the hardest. We’ll then save that one for last and turn it into a ball draining, cock exploding finish leaving you pleasantly sexually sedated and dreaming of your next family fun orgy.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.