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Taboo Phone Sex


Sissy Lolly Johnny just received a Christmas card from his mistress with explicit instructions for a very special night of Dominant Phone Sex that she has planned for him.


Johnny has been trained very well and he loves to please his mistress so he immediately went to work to make sure everything was ready right down to the smallest detail. The fire was lit in the fireplace with mistresses favorite rug and pillows in front and a glass of wine on the tray right beside all of her favorite dildos and strap-ons and lube and this time a few special toys Johnny had never used.Johnny knew  this would be a night for humiliation and strict domm Training.


After preparing everything for his Mistress Johnny put on the special slutty Christmas Lingerie that mistress bought for him and put on his most glittery makeup and his new platinum blonde wig. Johnny came downstairs to find his mistress lying in front of the fireplace sipping on the wine he had poured for her. he bowed his head and thanked his mistress for the wonderful clothes. He loved Feminazation phone sex.


Johnny knew that there was going to be a special naughty surprise for him tonight. He trembled and wimpered with anticipation for what was to come. Just then the doorbell rang and with shaky hands, he opened the door.


And there was his surprise the tallest most handsome muscle-bound black man with a huge bulge in his pants. Johnny licked his lips and swallowed hard as he led his big black nigger cock Daddy over to the fire place.


Mistress snapped her fingers and Johnny dropped to his knees again to service his new freind…



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