Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

Being a sexy Afro-Dominican woman, I have the curves and pussy of a goddess. I have been truly blessed. I just love how wet I get and how it drips down to the crack of my big fat, round and plump unforgettable ass. I just can’t help myself sometimes to give myself a taste. I taste so sweet that sometimes I want to gather enough of it and squeeze it into a cup to drink for myself later on.

Latina Pussy Phone Sex is the way to go when you want to get your hard cock off. It has a mean vice grip to where your tongue or your dick won’t escape anywhere until I’ve decided you’ve had enough and eased up the grip. I have a mean squeeze and squat. Latina Phone Sex will blow your mind once you hear me slap my wet clit as my fingers slide in and out of my wet pussy. Maybe even a dildo just to spice it up!


Just imagine your wet tongue or even your hard cock sliding up and down on me when you indulge in Tight Pussy Phone Sex “conmigo” (with me). The feeling of it will leave you breath taken and begging me for more. You’ve never witnessed yourself wanting and needing something so bad once you get a taste out of me. The touch of my body will have you feeling like you’re on a long-awaited vacation in Santo Domingo while my pussy streams like the oceans at the beaches in Punta Cana.


Dare to come and take a swim? Be careful! I may just drown you. Dominican My sweet pussy will take you to new horizons of the Caribbean. I’ll have you begging to stay! You’ll never wanna return home after I’m done with you! Once you’ve gotten a taste of my sweet “tetas” (tits), you’ll never forget the taste of them. They’re full of all the necessary flavors, vitamins and nutrients your mouth and body need for satisfaction. My milk does the body good! The souvenir I’ll give you is my sweet cream all over your face and hard cock.


I’ll have your nose all in my Dominican pussy so that you’ll never forget the smell of it. You’ll smell it on you all day and night. When you’re tired of eating the basic meals and you want something exotic that’ll fill your appetite, you always need to keep in mind that there’s always me that’s here to fill you up! Let me introduce you to Dominican Pussy Phone Sex! Come and get some papi! Ayyyyyyyy!!!!

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