Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex


There’s this guy at the gym that I go to that’s always looking at me. During workouts, I can just feel his eyes glaring holes through me. When I’m in the locker room, he’s always there trying to get my attention. Taking off his clothes, showing and flexing his body in front of me. He’s very attractive, pretty hardcore muscular and hairy. I had a dream last night when I got home and got comfortable in my bed. My phone suddenly rings. It’s the guy from the gym!
In the dream, he and I were having this hot, steamy conversation where it led to us having Muscle Bear Phone Sex. He was telling me how he wanted to wrestle with me with nothing but a thong on with his balls tied. He also admitted to not being able to take his eyes off of me at the gym as he stroked his hard, hairy cock. The Muscle Bear Phone Sex felt so strong, masculine and overpowering immediately going into it. Grabbing my full attention.
We began to wrestle over dominance over another and then other things led to another. We began having an amazing make-out session and then that led to us tongue fucking each other’s assholes. FaggotPhone Sex took its strong grip on me. It really felt like there was a real, live animal eating my soul alive. I was loving every minute of it. During Muscle Bear Phone Sex, the bear and I continued to wrestle for dominance and by this time, I had tamed the beast and made the bear my bitch.
He wanted me to shove my thick, chocolate hard cock in his mouth dipped in honey while singing the theme song of Winnie The Pooh. I made him beg for it. He loved the taste of honey mixed with chocolate as the bear was begging for more Muscle Bear Phone Sex. I started injecting my sweet nectar all into his fucking mouth as he started to choke and gag. In the end, my hard bee sting put the bear to sleep as he went into deep hibernation. He swallowed his last drop of my injected sweet nectar going out for the count.
The big, muscled bear met his match with my Dominant Phone Sex. I must give it to myself as he was pretty tough to take down but a man like me, always “cums” out on top! Literally! Come and experience for yourselves all you Muscle Bears. My honey is organic, raw and unfiltered. Daddy’s got honey dipped in chocolate that’s just waiting for ya!
Muscle Bear Phone Sex with Bryce James 800 613 1829
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