Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex


I was walking down the boardwalk in my hot pink stringy cheeky bikini. My blonde hair blowing in the beachy breeze. I look at all the shops and vendors selling various products of sunglasses, beach towels, candy and such. I walk past many people in some Voyeurism Phone Sex.


Mostly teenage boys who are only thinking with their cocks as they stare at my barely covered ass. I chuckle to myself as one of the boys’ trips over his own two feet. “ wait until they see what I do when I hit the beach” I think to myself. I wave at them and continue on my way. My butt cheeks swaying back n forth with each step I take. I finally make it to the beach where the warm sand trickled in between my toes. I moan in delight. I set up my perfect spot right near those teens so they could ooh and ahh over my body in some Teasing Phone Sex.


I lay down and start to relax letting my mind wander. I dig in my beach bag for my suntan lotion. Them boys are just staring. I crook my finger and motion one of them over to help me put on my lotion. All at once all 5 of them come flocking over.


I hold up my finger and point to the brownish-blonde guy with the piercing blue eyes. He smiles and comes skipping over towards me. I hold up a finger to stop him with his eagerness. I slowly pull on the strings of my bikini. My nipples slowly peek out and perk up. I nod to the horny boy and see his bulge strain out against his swim trunks. He takes a deep shaking breath and starts to rub the lotion on my body. I let out a moan in appreciation. I lean back and let the boy rub me down. I ever so sneakily run my hand up to his leg and find and start to rub his bulge. I ooh and ahh over the length and continue to tantalize and tease him.

If you enjoy the story and want more I would be glad to tell you in some sexy Teen Phone Sex. I am available most of the time when I am not laying out in the sun lol.

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