Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

Having a large BBW is the most amazing BBWPhone Sex. My boyfriend used to think skinny women were the best in bed. We were friends before we started dating. We used to go out to the bar. I would wear a short skirt thigh high fishnet stockings and a bustier pushing my big fat tits out there. I would pick up several guys the ones interested in these big squishy titties, fat big round asses to grab.

We would all go over to his house to party after work. I would end up getting drunk and very horny. Started to fuck do some of the guys I brought to his home. We would have sex right on his couch in his living room. He could hear us fucking in his room. It would turn him on enough to start jerking his dick while he listened. His dick would get rock hard and throb oozing hard.
One night we came home just us. He started to kiss me and rub my squishy tits. The feel of my body turned him on he didn’t want to stop. Pulling his pants down, I started to rub his cock telling him how it was weird. He just couldn’t wait to stick that dick between big fat tits. He wrapped them around his dick and started to fuck them. It felt so good those big fat tits and my lips, made him come all over my face and nipples.
As we laid in bed that night his dick rubbed up against my ass and became hard again. He reached around and grabbed a handful of those tits. I could feel his dick stiffening on my ass. He just couldn’t stop groping love big handful of ass cheek. He was making me so wet. He slid his dick right past my ass into that wet hot sloppy wet pussy. With all my extra size he quickly started dripping and moaning. I can feel his balls feeling full of cum as they slapped my ass. Again it was a long and he was shooting a huge load of cum into my big BBW pussy. After he finished he cuddled up next to me. He just could not get enough of that hot curvy body. He just couldn’t believe how sexy hot BBW Phone Sex should be. You should call me and find out why he just can’t get enough!!!
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