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Taboo Phone Sex

2 July, 2020
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For months now, you have been enjoying hot Shemale Phone Sex. Behind your wife back with me. You started off watching porn with a very hot shemale in it. Just out of curiosity, you started to watch another shemale porn. It did not take you long to start getting an aroused dick in your pant… You love the thought of her being feminine. Very sexy eyes, lips, and sexy tits dressed in sexy lingerie better than your wife. The more you watch, the more your dick tingled with desires. Soon shemale porn was your first choice to get you aroused. Only now you’re stuck alone with a hot fantasy you cannot tell your wife about.
 Scrolling through Taboo Phone Fuck you come across my picture, making you erect at first sight. Alone and horny, you decide to give me a call. It did not take us long to have a cum filled connection. For a few months, we have been having the most erotic calls behind your wife’s back. The thought of you making my dick hard and tasting your cum. I’ve been taking you places you never thought you would want to go. Even at work, you’re starting to think about how you can arouse me and please me. Just knowing how hot you get me gets your dick standing at attention.
As you continue to have sex with your wife, you cannot stop yourself from thinking it’s me you’re with. The fact I’m very much into oral is a huge turn-on for you. I have got you wanting to fuck my tight mouth. Dreaming about how amazing it would feel cumming to completion in my mouth. The other day I sent you a video of a shemale sucking a cock. She was sucking your dick at the time that video crossed your mind. It made you hold onto her head, giving her the extreme load meant for me. She was not thrilled, but the intensity of how she pleased you made her overly horny. You got between her legs eating her pussy profusely; she grabbed your head fucking your mouth. She squirted has she has never done before with you. The other night you ate her pussy so intensely you almost called out my name. It truly has her amazed how your sex life has changed. Every time we talk, we go to new and exciting places as only are hot shemale phone sex can take you. My name is Misha let me be the one to take you to the edge.

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