Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

When it comes to watching hot porn, my boyfriend just can’t help himself. He loves those little Asian Threesome Phone Sex hotties. They’re doll-like appearance petite and graceful, marveling over a large 9 in cock. Many times as we fucked he’d asked for a hot threesome. A hot mature woman less than 5 ft tall, barely even a hundred pounds. That long black hair dark brown eyes with that sexy, sophisticated nature. He had me wanting a threesome as well. Only we did not know any Asian women.
As we both decided to check out the new massage parlor down the street. It didn’t take me long to realize the lady giving me my massage. Just so happened to be the Asian women we had been looking for. I knew he would love everything about her. Hard tiny feminine body delicate but yet still feminine.

She was all 4 the threesome surprise I had planned for him. 

He was all set up for his massage wearing nothing but a towel, laying on his tummy. She started off with a little oil on his back. She then proceeded to get between his legs. Directing his cock straight into an open mouth… His face lit up as he noticed she was the 1, like a kid in the candy store. Rolling over on his back, his 9-inch cock looked very large to her. He leaned back and just enjoyed how she sucked his cock. It was starting to turn me on watching her. It made me eager to undress. I helped her off with her clothes naked and petite she looked so delicious. It was now time to straddle has big hard dick. Amazed how she was able to take it all in.

I sat masturbating as I watched…

as she somehow managed it all. You motion me to come to sit on your face. You licked my clit as she rode you hard. It didn’t take long for you to fill her with that creamy load. Continuing thrusting her, you gave her every last drop. You had me dripping wet, eating my clit as I watched her. The only thing left to do is watch the two of us 69. She straddled my face as her little petite pussy hovered over my tongue. She knew what to do with her wild tongue. Has he watched the two of us squirming moaning, completing the wild threesome? We both knew it was the wild Asian Threesome Phone Sex we both had desired. Call me Shawna Reese for hot 3 some.

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