Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

Sometimes when men find out, they’re having hot Shemale Phone Sex. They get kind of excited but don’t want to admit they’ve thought about it. Or that the thought really makes their dick hard. Really some even like to watch shemale porn. Some men even make it there go to porn. I had a caller last week randomly call. We talked for a few minutes, and he told me what a sexy voice I had and that I had him so turned on. Then he asked me what I looked like. When I told him I had 36 C tits, he got really excited. Then I told him about my special package he got quiet for a minute.

I could hear him breathing heavily on the phone and stroking his dick.

I realized he had never talked to a shemale before. That’s when I started to rub my tits up against his chest and give him a hot kiss. I grabbed hold of his dick and started stroking it. I could hear him breathing more massive hand stroking faster. I told him I was going to hold our dicks together and stroke them off. He started moaning, telling me how good he thought it would feel.

Next thing I know, he was begging me not to stop.

I told him I was starting to shoot pre-come all over his dick, stroking it even faster. He started telling me I’m Cumming I’m cumming . I could hear him having a very hard. He told me how intense it was being on the phone and the thought of me being a shemale.  He called me back the next day to say to me to thank you. He just couldn’t handle it. His dick started to get hard. This time I began to suck his dick. Down on my knees in between his legs looking up at him with those come fuck me eyes. The more he thought about the fact I had a dick between my legs, the hotter he got. He said I never imagined having hot Shemale Phone Sex could be so hot. Don’t be shy guys Micha will take you places you’ve never been before.

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