Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

I was standing in line at the waterpark dressed in my cheeky lime green bikini and sunglasses waiting to get in. Eventually, it was my turn to go in through the metal detector. The security guard flashed a bright smile and motioned me through.He made me think about having some Nasty Phone sex with him.


I went through and made a beeline toward a seat near the wave pool. I quickly laid down my towel and head to the wave pool. I run in smiling and giggling. I spot the cute male lifeguards patrolling the pool. I wave to one of them in a Dirty Phone Sex type way. He waved back. I giggle and show off a little for him. Suddenly a HUGE wave takes me by surprise! I am immediately swept off my feet and under the water. I cough and scream as another wave is swept over me. Suddenly Matt, the lifeguard I was flirting with heroically plummets down into the water and battles the waves until he seizes my lifeless body into his arms.


He carries me out of the water and onto the concrete. There he proceeds to check my breathing and pulse. I eventually come to and start coughing out water and breathing. Matt pats my back and turns me over to let me spit all the water out. He sits me up after I am done coughing and asks me if I am feeling alright enough to walk to headquarters. I shake my head, yes and we walk side by side toward headquarters. We get there and he sits me down. “I’ll be right back,” he says.


He returns with a glass of lemonade and hands it to me. “ Thank you” “ Its no problem really just doing my job” “No really thank you I want to repay you somehow for saving my life,” I say as my hand trails up his leg in some teasing phone sex. “Actually there is something…” he trails off as he quickly grabs my hand and leads me to an empty room. He locks the door and turns to face me. The look in his eyes is primal as he rips off his shirt. He is getting ready for some type of Extreme Phone Sex 😉.

If you wanna know what happens next call and I will certainly tell you.

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