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Taboo Phone Sex


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I know you think that you are too old for spanking phone sex but think again! If you act like a naughty little boy, you are going to be treated like one. How many times do I have to catch you sneaking into my room at night, sniffing, wearing and licking my panties? What have I told you about coming into my room at night? When am I entertaining guests? We both know that a dirty little one like you just can’t keep your hands out of your pants. These are just some of the reasons you need to call mommy tonight.


It is time for you to call and present yourself with your punishment phone sex call. Come to me, stand up tall and tell me all you have done to deserve your spanking. The only way for a boy like you to learn is with proper discipline. The best discipline is by bending you over my knee. I am going to have you drop your pants and underwear, and lay across my knee naked. I can feel your little boy boner poking into my leg. A spanking is always done on a bare bottom. Stand in front of me with your hands behind your back and look at me.


I pull you over my knee and push you forward so I feel your boner on my leg, and your bottom is right up in the air. Feel my hand start to spank that bottom and make it nice and red. It is not just going to be my hand either. I am going to use the hairbrush, the belt and the paddle. If you have been really naughty, I will even use my cane on your bare bad butt. Don’t even think about begging for mercy, this Spanking Phone Sex call is just the beginning.


Spanking Phone sex with Kiley Smith 800 613 1829

spanking phone sex

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.