Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

Just an old hot Phone Sex whore. I can’t help being a sexy whore. I was married once to a man that could hardly put out. So I started using toys vibrators and dildos. Of course, it was fun but it never satisfied. I tried sexy lingerie even hot role play. It just never seemed to get him in the mood. I even spoke to his doctor about maybe getting Viagra. He just never seemed to be in the mood or any sexual stamina.
One day a sexy young stud was doing yard work. He had on a pair of shorts and no shirt. It was fairly early in the morning I was just waking up. I had on a silky pair of shorts and matching top. I went to the window to take a look. The dark hair scruffy beard a very sexy young body. I could not help but start to lust for him. I’ve started daydreaming about hot Nasty Phone Sex with him. That’s when I pulled my breasts out and started to rub it. Paying no attention that he could actually see me in the window. I continued to touch myself as he worked closer towards my window.
When I open my eyes he was standing in front of the window watching me. I open the window and asked him if he’d ever been with an older woman. I stepped back away from the window and took my top off and dropped my silky shorts. I soon felt his hands come from behind me and grope my breast. I could feel his cock hard in his shorts. That’s when one of his hands slid down and started touching my clit. I was dripping wet and thrusting my ass against him. He was kissing my neck and sucking on my ear.
That’s when I felt his large hard cock. It was sliding past my ass and in between my wet thighs. His big mushroom head sled right between my swollen lips. He teased my clit for about 15 minutes. He whispered in my ear how sexy hot I was. That’s when I felt him sliding into my pussy. I let out a huge moan gasping for air. As I felt his big full balls opinions me. He knew he couldn’t get any deeper in me. That’s when I begin to flex my muscles. Making those wet warm walls milk him. I could hear him moaning suck my cock was your pussy.
It did not take long and he was thrusting me hard and deep. Pulling it all the way out of my pussy and slamming it back in deep. I began to moan I’m cumming I’m cumming. He did not care or stop he continued fucking me harder. He waited until I orgasm & Shot cream all over his cock and balls. That’s when I felt him squirt his load of jizz deep inside of me.. After he left that’s when I realized I needed a divorce. I was going to need hot sex like that all the time. This old hot phone sex whore was going to tear up every young said she could get a hold of. Call me I’m always horny and in the mood for some Dirty Phone Sex fun.
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