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Taboo Phone Sex


I may not be your average girl next door, but I am the hottest Teen girl in my neighborhood. All the men around here can not keep their eyes off of me. I just love the attention, and I can’t wait to have  Barely Legal phone sex with each and everyone now that I am old enough. They know that if they were with me, I would rock their worlds better than their wives ever thought of doing. Although, I must admit some of them have some hot ass wives, especially the neighbor right next door; their bedroom window is right across from my window. At first, I started to stare in front of the window just to tease because the husband was always looking at me through the curtains.

When I saw his wife standing there, too 

I knew I needed to have some No Taboo  Phone Sex with them both. She was standing with her back to the window. As she started to take her little black dress off, I noticed what a delicious-looking ass she had. It was so perfect and so round. It was one of those asses that you want to drop down under and just lick and suck every part of them, including that pussy and ass. You know what I am talking about when you want to get as nasty and freaky as possible with them. I knew I needed to find a way to get closer to her.

That is when I decided to use all of my phone sex skills to seduce them both.

I knew she needed help keeping her husband happy because rumors fly in this neighborhood. So, I put on my hottest little pink dress and walked over there. When I knocked, she came to the door in a robe. She said she was sorry; she had just got out of the shower. I could tell by the way she undressed me with her eyes that she wanted me just the way I wanted her. I walked in and closed the door, and went right to work during our Barely Legal Phone sex call with that hot fucking ass of hers. It didn’t take her husband to join us for even more fun.

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Look at my picture. Do I look like that hot, innocent Cheerleader  Phone Sex you lusted after in high school, right? Well, I have a dark side that only my callers know about. I love to have scary, gothic, submissive phone sex every night.  When my masters call me, I slip on a black wig and leather bindings and prepare to fulfill their darkest fantasies. I love the taste of my own blood, so whip me until I can savor my juices. I love to be forced to do taboo phone sex things, and there are no limits on what I can be made to do.


You may not believe it by looking at me, but I get off on being forced into the kidnapping of that hot little niece of yours, putting her in an erotic hypnotic trance, asphyxiation, and even snuff; whatever gets you off, I will do it. You have mind control over me, and I need to please you, no matter how perverted the request. I want you to perverse me in Twisted Phone Sex. Pain gives me pleasure, whether it’s mine or others. I’m one kinky bitch, so there’s nothing I won’t try. You can do nothing to me that I won’t get off on. I am a fucking freak.


Blindfold me, force your hard cock into my mouth and smother me with it, I don’t care. When I say I love it all, I don’t mean I love it all because I want you to call me. I enjoy you holding your hand around my throat and squeezing it. I want to feel you drain the life out of me as you fuck my face hard and fast. I want to feel your hot load spray across my almost-still body. Like I said, I like it twisted.  Just call me and make me do things no one else will do for you. I’ll do whatever you want, master, so call me for some scary gothic Submissive Phone Sex. I’m on my knees waiting.

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Mistress SubSeeker



Sissy Lolly Johnny just received a Christmas card from his mistress with explicit instructions for a very special night of Dominant Phone Sex that she has planned for him. Mistress was so good at planning these special surprises for Johnny.


Sissy Lolly Johnny has been trained very well.  He loves to please his mistress. So, he immediately went to work to ensure everything was ready to the smallest detail. The fire was lit in the fireplace with the mistress’s favorite rug and pillows in front and a glass of wine on the tray right beside all of her favorite dildos and strap-ons and lube and, this time, a few unique toys Johnny had never used. Johnny knew this would be a night for humiliation and strict domme Training.


After preparing everything for his Mistress, Johnny put on the special slutty Christmas Lingerie that his mistress bought for him and put on his most glittery makeup and his new platinum blonde wig. Johnny came downstairs to find his mistress lying in front of the fireplace, sipping on the wine he had poured for her. he bowed his head and thanked his mistress for the beautiful clothes. He loved Feminization Phone Sex.

Johnny was so Excited!


Johnny knew there would be a special naughty surprise for him tonight. He trembled and whimpered with anticipation for what was to come. Just then, the doorbell rang, and he opened the door with shaky hands.


And there was his surprise: the tallest, most handsome, muscle-bound black man with a huge bulge in his pants. Johnny licked his lips and swallowed hard as he led his big black nigger cock Daddy over to the fireplace.


Mistress snapped her fingers, and Johnny dropped to his knees again to serve his new friend.


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glory hole phone sex



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It was just a friendly neighborhood gathering that my family was throwing in honor of my 18th birthday! People from all across the street came to celebrate, even the new guy from right next door. I was inside getting changed into my bright red cheeky bikini, and just as I was putting my feet into the bottoms, the door opened. I quickly scrambled to cover my naked self with the towel, but you had already seen me. Panty Dropping Phone Sex is so fun.

” Oh, I am so sorry… I was just looking for the bathroom,” you say as you leave the room. “It’s fine,” I say as I blush super hard, already seeing how rock-hard that bulge is in your bathing trunks. You just kind of linger there as your eyes are fixed on mine. I turn around and let the towel drop to the floor. I hear a loud breath escape your lips. I pull on my cheeky red bottoms nice and slow, knowing very well that every move I make is Teasing Phone Sex.

You let out a moan, only loud enough for me to hear. I giggle as I finish putting on my bikini top. You see it needs tying, so you quickly rush to the rescue. You grab the strings of my bikini that are down by my sides. As you do, your fingertips lightly graze my sides, sending ice-cold chills up my spine. You tie the strings nice and snugly around my back, then go and leave the room, giving me some Titillating Phone Sex.

I put my hair up in a ponytail and then leave the room.
I head downstairs, where the party is in full swing. I am standing in the doorway to the backyard, looking at what festivities are going on, when suddenly, I spot you getting out of the pool. Your hair is soaking wet, phone sex, just like my pussy. I am in a daze as I watch you drip as you get a towel and wrap yourself up in it. I eventually stumble out of my daze and leave for the party.

I head over to where you are getting some burgers and hot dogs at the picnic table. As I reach for some ketchup to put on my hot dog, you go for it, too. Our hands make it to the bottle at the same time. When our hands touch, it sends electric sparks through my entire body. I pull my hand away and reach for the mustard instead. I smile shyly up at you as you hand me the ketchup. Then you lean in close and shout over the noise of the party, ” Happy Birthday!” ” Thanks,” I say back.
Once I am done eating, I go for a dive in the crystal clear blue pool. The water is nice and refreshing as I emerge from under the water. As I am getting dried off, my dad hollers out that it is present time. I open all my gifts of jewelry, panties, bras, and makeup. As I was opening up my last present, I noticed that there wasn’t one from you. I walk off with my presents and run into you. You whisper in my ear. ” Follow me to your present. It’s kind of big. ” Instantly, my pussy gets wet as you blindfold me and lead me on.

If you want to find out what happens next, give me a call for some Panty Dropping Phone Sex.

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threesome PHONE SEX

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Do you enjoy Foot Fetish Phone Sex? I have this foot fetish, too. My feet are always beautiful, soft, and perfectly pedicured. I make sure to keep them up religiously so that they stay looking amazing! It’s so sexy to me when a man loves my feet. Then wants to worship them like they deserve to be worshipped! Kiss them, lick them, suck on my toes, paint my nails, massage them, scrub them, I love it all! Having my feet played with and worshipped makes me so fucking horny


One of my favorite scenarios is that while I am lying down on my bed. You are sitting on the edge of the bed in a chair with my feet gently resting in your lap. You begin rubbing against your thick and throbbing cock through your pants. The more complicated the cock, the better! You’re massaging my feet with some super yummy smelly lotion, or better yet, you spit on them and use your spit as lubrication. You make it drip and soaking wet when you spit on them, the wetter they are the better the massage feels.


I want to stick my toes in your mouth while you suck and lick all over them, sticking your tongue between the cracks and thrusting it back and forth, up and down, side to side. Let me see how far I can shove my foot down your throat; I want you to gag on it. I want you to buy me pretty shoes and high heels that look hot and sexy on my beautiful feet. I want you to play out your wildest fantasies on my feet so that I can experience the extreme pleasure that I deserve. Call me let’s not keep this fun from waiting any longer.
foot fetish phone sex
Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


Growing up, my parents were pretty racist. They said I was not allowed in the “black neighborhood” and that they weren’t good people. However, I was a rebellious daughter and did whatever I wanted, and honestly, when you told me not to do something, I usually did it anyway. I decided one day to take the bus to that neighborhood and walked around just to see what it was like. Everyone stared at me and asked why I was on this side of town. Then I bumped into a group of guys, and they said she must be there for a train to run on her. When I asked what the hell they were talking about, one of them said you’re into that Gang Bang Phone Sex shit, aren’t you.
I said what the fuck do you even mean? I never heard of no shit like that. After talking for a few minutes, I told them my dad said they were useless and shouldn’t be around them because they were suitable for nothing. One of them said why don’t you come inside with me and let me show you what we are perfect for and why the white men do not want us around their white wives and daughters. I had to find out what they meant. I went into the house and sat on the couch. The next thing I knew, they were surrounding me with their cocks out. But there was something different about them. Their cocks were not the average size. They were huge. They were Mandingo Phone Sex dicks! They said well, you see one reason why the white men are jealous of us now, don’t you?
I said yes, but why did they tell you to take those clothes off and let us show you? I stripped as fast as I could and got on my hands and knees on that couch, and they quickly filled each one of my holes with their big cocks! I could feel my holes being stretched, and I fucking loved it. I swear I could not get enough of that BBC Phone Sex! My dad sure was wrong about them. They are worth so much more than he said, and they rocked his daughter’s world. I can not wait to tell my dad it’s not them that are worthless at all. It is those little pathetic white cocks!

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I Fucking Love Roleplay Phone Sex! Today has been such a good day. I started with a hot call before I got out of bed. I got to do my favorite thing, which is to make shit up to fulfill my guys’ fantasy. I know exactly what he wants, which in this case was to think of a good reason why he shouldn’t call the police after I ran into him at a red light. It’s just a minor fender bender, and it barely left a dent, but I am in a panic because I don’t want another hit on my insurance.

I jumped out of the car with my tight, short skirt on, my long legs showing. My very low-cut top shows off my gorgeous tits, and they bounce enticingly as I run up to his car window. I notice he watches me in the side mirror as I run up. He’s checking out my body, and I make a mental note.

After apologizing for hitting him, I begged him not to call the police and asked if there wasn’t some way I could make it up to him. I make sure to bounce my tits in his face as I ask. “Sure, follow me home,” he says, and I envision myself on m knees in front of him while he faces fucks me. When we arrived, I quickly exited the car and met him at his door. I drop to my knees, inviting him to put his cock right where I want it, which is in my cum sucking mouth!

The call is so hot my creamy pussy is dripping from the excitement…

of the phone sex tease. My fingers are tickling my clit into a significant orgasm while on what I consider the hottest phone sex call. I wonder if I will get any more steamy  Erotic Phone Sex calls today?

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glory hole phone sex

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Destiny Karins

So… I have a story for you that will satisfy that Teen Phone Sex craving for sure. A While back I was invited to a party by this hot football player, his name is James Collins. I was shocked because he was a senior, and I was a junior in high school. I had no idea that he found me so hot. And… guess what?…there was actually liquor there!

I was super excited because I am mostly the quiet Type. We happened to have geometry class together, and I guess he noticed me staring at his hot body, so he invited me.

I have always been a bit of a Voyeur Phone Sex girl.

I also went with my sister Jaime, a senior who is popular with all the guys.
she said, “Destiny, don’t you know I was invited to that party weeks ago?” I told her I had no idea. So, we got dressed up really sexy. I wore this tight black dress with my boobs barely covered and sticking out and some stiletto heels.

We arrived at the party. Everyone was dancing, so we hopped on the dance floor for a while. Then, afterward, my sister and I were just talking, and all of a sudden, Marie, my sister’s friend, came over and handed us each a beer. We spent some time drinking, talking, and dancing. I managed to get super tipsy and started dancing on his kitchen table!

James was like omg! Destiny, what are you doing? I said umm, I’m dancing, baby. I could see his cock was getting super hard. He helped me down from the table and took me upstairs. On the way, he started to tell me how hot I looked and undressed me right on the stairs. He kisses me deeply and takes full advantage of my being drunk. I didn’t think he was going to go through with it. But he did… and I didn’t care!

It was already steamy hot for me.

What do you suppose happened? Well, the two of us just had a big naked drunken fuck fest! I was in the process of sucking his monster dick like a vacuum cleaner. My sister could hear him moaning and walked in and said omg! What is going on here? I said, “What does it look like bitch?” “We are fucking!” wink wink, Destiny Karins, your Barely Legal Phone Sex slut!

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Jessica Reese

I would love to have an Anything Goes Phone Sex conversation with you to make your cock tease phone sex fantasy cum true. I’ll use my youthful looks and my sexy young girl phone sex voice to tease and deny your cock into one hot and throbbing orgasm. Are you a role-play phone sex conversation, one where I’m your co-ed fuck toy, the little pre-teen phone sex slut you keep on the side to satisfy pedo phone sex desires? I’m your neighbor’s little daughter who keeps sneaking over to your house when your wife and kids are gone. When I knock on your door I’m dressed in my skimpy cheerleader uniform, I wear it just to cock tease you.


You stutter as you greet me, your hands start to sweat, and your cock grows hard. I smile and swing my hips as I sit down on the couch. When you sit next to me and put your arms around my shoulder, I jump up and giggle as I shake my head no. I know I’m a tease. I use my softest high-pitched voice and shyly ask what are you doing? You grab me by the shoulders and tell me I’m a tease. I giggle again and ask if you want me to suck your cock? Then I slowly wiggle out of my skirt showing you my young little twat and stare at your cock stroking your dick. In my cutest baby voice, I ask if Daddy wants to fuck it? I giggle again and squeak out, oh, daddy fuck it!


I’ve teased and denied you to your breaking point. You hold me down and force your cock in my mouth and tell me to cock suck it. When you’re close to cumming you pull out, then bend me over, and pussy worships my fuck hole with your throbbing cock. You ram my cunt, pounding me with all your pent-up frustrations, and as you blow your load, you tell me I’m a cock tease phone sex whore. After you’ve cum, I use my high-pitched little girl voice and say I only wanted to make your Cock Tease Phone Sex fantasy cum true!

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anything goes phone sex

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Calling all of my bukkake and golden Showers callers, I need some central extreme phone sex! I’m in desperate need of watching you jerk off and being showered on my knees with all of your warm, sexy juices all over my body. I want to feel you shoot your hot load right into my face, squirting on my big tits and pussy. Give it to me, I need it now! I want to do what no other woman will ever do for you. Do you think I can be that person for you?


I want to sip your warm golden fluid from a champagne glass while you’re hard throbbing cock pounds my anal cavity. And right before you explode, shove that dick into my mouth so I can taste my own sweet scat phone sex juices mixed with your thick juicy semen. I need it, crave it, and can’t get enough of it. You’ll make me so horny, I’ll squirt some of my sweet, sweet juice into a glass. Just for you to sip while I lick every inch of your wet cock. Do you want to drink up my juices, you dirty little boy?


I’m going to really enjoy our call tonight, baby. Do you crave the most twisted and Taboo Phone Sex calls that you can’t find anyone else to do? I can be your seductive sister or your dirty mommy that just has to feel her sons cock plunging deep. Maybe you want me to be your strap-on wielding mistress. Whatever your dirty, little pleasure is, you can be certain I will make sure you are well taken care of. Call me now before I go crazy for some extreme phone sex! Cheers!

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BUKKAKE phone sex

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Teen FeleciMy parents sent me away when I was younger. They wanted a better life for me, they said. I am sure they had no idea this guy was a Teen Phone Sex pervert.

They had some friends who agreed to take me in. It was a husband and wife couple. I got to their house, where they told me about four other girls they had living there to help their parents out, too. They showed me to my bedroom, where I noticed no doors. I found out later that this guy was huge into Voyeur Phone Sex.

The man told me that I needed to go shower right now and shave my entire body.

I asked why and he told me we are not allowed to question anything in this household.. He said, but for your information, I love bald pussy, I started to ask why that mattered, but he grabbed my hair and said I do what the fuck he says for me to do now!


I went into the bathroom; there were no shower curtains or anything. I showered and shaved as I was told to. Afterward, I asked where my clothes are he told me you bitches are not allowed to wear clothes at home. He went on to tell me all the other rules about how we are not allowed to say no to him about anything he wants sexually.

He said we are to pleasure him in any way he wants us to. 


I went to bed, and he came into the bedroom with me and said we would be having our first night together and having fun! He told me we were going to have the best Kinky Phone Sex ever. He fucked me all night long and made me suck his dick and swallow his cum so many times that I swear my stomach was full. I am not sure how I feel about this, but I am going to say he has some fantastic fucking dick, and I like being one of his little sluts!

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

I was walking down the boardwalk in my hot pink stringy cheeky bikini. My blonde hair blew in the beachy breeze. I look at all the shops and vendors selling various products of sunglasses, beach towels, candy, and such. I walk past many people in some Teen Phone Sex.


Mostly teenage boys who are only thinking with their cocks as they stare at my barely covered ass.

I chuckle to myself as one of the boys trips over his own two feet. “ wait until they see what I do when I hit the beach” I think to myself. I wave at them and continue on my way. My butt cheeks sway back n forth with each step I take. I finally make it to the beach where the warm sand trickled in between my toes. He smiles as I let out a moan in delight. I set up my perfect spot right near those teens so they could ooh and ahh over my body in some Teasing Phone Sex.


I lay down and start to relax letting my mind wander then as I dig in my beach bag for my suntan lotion. The boys are just staring. I crook my finger and motion one of them over to help me put on my lotion.

All at once all 5 of them come flocking over.


I hold up my finger and point to the brownish-blonde guy with piercing blue eyes. He smiles and comes skipping over toward me. I hold up a finger to stop him with his eagerness. Then I slowly pull on the strings of my bikini. My nipples slowly peek out and perk up. I nod to the horny boy and see his bulge strain out against his swim trunks. He takes a deep shaking breath and starts to rub the lotion on my body. It gets harder as I moan in appreciation. Then says, “lean back” and I let the boy rub me down. I ever so sneakily run my hand up to his leg and find and start to rub his bulge.  It is huge! So I continue to tantalize and tease him.

If you enjoy the story and want more we could have some sexy Barely Legal Phone Sex. I am available most of the time when I am not laying out in the sun lol.

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glory hole phone sex

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

You must think I don’t see you but I do. I can see your reflection in the mirror, you’re watching me towel drying from my shower. I can tell you’re craving Incest Phone Sex from the way you’re masturbating your little prick. Hey, baby, I’m craving it too after all you’re my Incest  Phone Sex son. I can’t wait to dive into your hairless pedo dick and that tight round ass of yours. Let’s not waste another minute, it’s time for a pussy worship phone sex lesson. Pick up the phone, dial my adult line and I’ll teach you everything you need to know about pleasing a woman, let’s get started!

Let me wrap my arms around your naked Underage Phone Sex body…

and squeeze your sweet tight ass cheeks. My nipples harden when my breasts press against your warm tight muscled chest, my nails dig into your back as I enjoy every inch of your body. Our touch heats me to my core. Suckle mommy breasts like you did when you were my sweet baby boy. The more you suckle my tits the wetter my pussy becomes. The wetter my pussy the hornier I am,

I’ll show you with some naughty mommy phone sex play.


Mommy’s on her back with her legs spread wide now get down there practice your Oral Phone Sex skills, lick my pussy. Use your tongue to tease my clit, now finger fuck my pussy, keep sucking my cunt. Mommy and son incest phone sex is so nasty and taboo but oh so fucking hot!  I’m craving your smooth hairless pedo phone sex prick, mommy wants to kiss it. Lay on your side honey, keep playing with my hairy old cunt while start cock sucking phone sex your little dick. Oh son, I can tell you’re to your edge just like I am, it’s time to fuck! On your back sweetie, Mommy’s going to slowly sit on your hard big boy cock. I want to look into your eyes while I ride your dick, squeeze mommy’s tits, do you feel mommy’s pussy throbbing? I’m cumming, now squirt!

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Sissy Boy Phone Sex sluts, and I agreed. He described the sexy little outfit he was going to wear for me in great detail during our call. Sexy pink panties with white lace, a matching bra, of course, stuffed full of socks and tissues. He had a red plaid skirt on and a button-up top. He was the ultimate school girl just for me! That made me so happy and horny. I told him he had to prove to me how good if a sissy boy he would be to me.

He brought over a strap-on and begged me to have some Ass Fucking Phone Sex fun with him. This was the ultimate way to prove that he wanted to be a true faggot for me. I stepped into that strap-on harness and forced him to his knees. It was like instinct; he opened his mouth and took my cock. Oh my, I wanted to hear him choke and gag on this dick. I grabbed the back of his head and really forced it into him. He was such a good boy; I knew he was a natural-born cock sucker.


I couldn’t wait to go balls deep into his little faggot ass. Then I grabbed him by his hair and forced him on all fours. I made him bark like a dog while I grabbed the lube. While I am ready to go and I was sure he was too. I started moving the tip of my cock up and down his ass, and he just forced himself back on my dick. One swift motion and all 10 inches were buried deep. I allowed him to pull his little penis out of the side of his little girl panties and stroke himself while I fucked the daylights out of him. Trust me, every man that I ass fuck will have a great time. I am sure you can’t wait to call for Sissy Boy Phone Sex, can you?

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sissy boy phone sex

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