Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

It was just a friendly neighborhood gathering that my family was throwing in honor of my 18th birthday! People from all across the street came to celebrate, even the new guy from right next door. I was inside getting changed into my bright red cheeky bikini, and just as I was putting my feet into the bottoms, the door opened. I quickly scrambled to cover my naked self with the towel, but you had already seen me. Panty Dropping Phone Sex is so fun.

” Oh, I am so sorry… I was just looking for the bathroom,” you say as you leave the room. “It’s fine,” I say as I blush super hard, already seeing how rock-hard that bulge is in your bathing trunks. You just kind of linger there as your eyes are fixed on mine. I turn around and let the towel drop to the floor. I hear a loud breath escape your lips. I pull on my cheeky red bottoms nice and slow, knowing very well that every move I make is Teasing Phone Sex.

You let out a moan, only loud enough for me to hear. I giggle as I finish putting on my bikini top. You see it needs tying, so you quickly rush to the rescue. You grab the strings of my bikini that are down by my sides. As you do, your fingertips lightly graze my sides, sending ice-cold chills up my spine. You tie the strings nice and snugly around my back, then go and leave the room, giving me some Titillating Phone Sex.

I put my hair up in a ponytail and then leave the room.
I head downstairs, where the party is in full swing. I am standing in the doorway to the backyard, looking at what festivities are going on, when suddenly, I spot you getting out of the pool. Your hair is soaking wet, phone sex, just like my pussy. I am in a daze as I watch you drip as you get a towel and wrap yourself up in it. I eventually stumble out of my daze and leave for the party.

I head over to where you are getting some burgers and hot dogs at the picnic table. As I reach for some ketchup to put on my hot dog, you go for it, too. Our hands make it to the bottle at the same time. When our hands touch, it sends electric sparks through my entire body. I pull my hand away and reach for the mustard instead. I smile shyly up at you as you hand me the ketchup. Then you lean in close and shout over the noise of the party, ” Happy Birthday!” ” Thanks,” I say back.
Once I am done eating, I go for a dive in the crystal clear blue pool. The water is nice and refreshing as I emerge from under the water. As I am getting dried off, my dad hollers out that it is present time. I open all my gifts of jewelry, panties, bras, and makeup. As I was opening up my last present, I noticed that there wasn’t one from you. I walk off with my presents and run into you. You whisper in my ear. ” Follow me to your present. It’s kind of big. ” Instantly, my pussy gets wet as you blindfold me and lead me on.

If you want to find out what happens next, give me a call for some Panty Dropping Phone Sex.

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