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Taboo Phone Sex

Mature Tess

We were walking around at the mall the other day. My cute little ABDL Phone Sex baby and me. You see I told her we were going to go and try and dresses for her, and that she better be on her best behavior if she knows what’s good for her. Well, I had just called the lady over to help us pick out some wonderful new dresses for her to try one when all of the sudden I smelled the smell mommy’s know is a very poopy diaper. I turned my head to look at the little adult baby girl staring at the floor. “Did you just do what I think you just did?”

She looks up at me “no Mommy.”

I grabbed her little arm and pulled her towards me so I can do a diaper check and confirm my suspicions. No sooner had I pulled back the plastic panties then I saw the little present she left me in her diaper. “Well guess you need a diaper change little missy” I said loud enough for people to stop and stare at us. My little adult baby girl could have died from embarrassment then and there. Do you need your diaper changed too or for Mommy to take you dress shopping?

See I knew you needed mommy to do that.

You are very naughty I am going to punish you by making you wear a diaper and then I am going to dress you up and pimp you out so you can make mommy all kinds of money. Mommy has spent so much time taking care of you don’t you think you should take care of me now sissy boy? You do not really want to disappoint me, do you? Now call me mommy is waiting or you!

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