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Amber Skye

What? don’t you like a Dominating Teen like me? Well, that is your fucking problem. I am a brat and am not scared to admit, I have always felt like I should get what I want and how I want it If you do not like it then talk to my parents about it because they are the ones that taught to be demanding and always go for what I want.

Sometimes I pushed it a little too far they said, but I still got what I wanted. I think that my teacher had a big issue with it because he would tell me to do something in class and I would always refuse and do it, however, I wanted to do it. I just always felt I was right.

One day after class he told me I needed to stay.

When we were alone, he said that he did not appreciate how I talked to him. he said that I needed to learn to listen and do as he says in his class. That is when I busted out laughing and asked him are you fucking kidding me? Did you just say that I need to listen to you? He looked at me like he was confused. So, I just kept telling him I would not tolerate anyone talking to me like that. I expect to be treated with respect and I will do the things in his class the way that I want too. I said to him,  “if you don’t like it then you can go fuck yourself”. He told me he was going to report me, so I told him to shut up and sit down Sissy Phone Sex loser.

That is where he finally learned his lesson. He sat down in the chair and said yes, whatever you want to do we will do. I said good boy, now lick my ass and massage it. That makes me feel better and does not stop until I can not cum anymore. He started to say no, but I slapped him on his face and told him to do it now.

He bowed down like he was supposed to and went to licking and drained my pussy. Now if you do not like being told what to do by a teen, then I am not the one to call. Because I will only do what I want. Your feelings and thoughts mean nothing to me. Now let’s have some fun call me now for some Hot Phone Sex.

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dominating teen phone sex


Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.
Some girls grow up liking dolls; others like to dance or sing. I want
something very different from the average girl.

Let me just tell you a story first.

My brother was mean to me and would always grab my dolls, take a rope, tie their arms up together or their legs, and
tell me they needed to stay like that. I asked him why but all he would
say to me is girls like things like that. I said no way, and he said
you would learn one day soon. I told him I didn’t know what he meant
by that, and he just laughed. Yes, before I tell you about it, I like
Bondage Phone Sex. Later after he went to bed, I went out to the garage while everyone was
asleep. I grabbed the rope from my daddy’s toolbox. I went back to my
bedroom and took the rope and tied my legs together, and then I tied my
wrists together and just laid there. My brother was right. There was
something about being tied up that made you hot. Only by being tied
for this short period, my panties were soaking wet. My brother
walked into the room and said, what the hell are you doing. I said I
wanted to see if you were right. He looked between my legs and told me by
that wet pussy I think I was right. Do you want to have some Brother
Sister Phone Sex? I told him to go away from me and said no, that would just be wrong. He
laughed and slid his hands into my panties and said I am going
nowhere. He slid his hand in and started rubbing my clit. He said, you
are going to cum for me again while you are tied up. He said it will
just be our little secret. He told family fun phone sex is always
something to do. He said, you may never know, but our other family
members are into it too.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


mature phone sex

While away on a trip, I had the most enjoyable twisted time that
involves Torture Phone Sex. There were 2 guys who thought they had their
way with me. Want to hear about it? Visiting with some friends in the
upper Maine area

I stopped for some cigs and forgot gas. So there I was
on the side of the road when 2 guys in a wrangler pulled up. They were
asking if I needed help with anything before driving off. Well, I
thought they drove off. Drunk and being rude, trying to grab and pull
on me. I slapped one and tried to run, but the other one caught up and
punched me in the face.

I woke up and found that I was butt naked, spread-eagle tied to the roll bars.

My face is sore and covered with cream as well as my mouth is filled
with it. As I was trying to move, I felt something inside of me. They
both laughed, saying there is a double-barrel in your pussy and a rifle
in your asshole. They even said that a few of their friends had their
way with me. After begging and pleading for my life, they finally let
me loose back at my truck, thinking they would never see my face again.

Were those bastards wrong? After filling up, I went back and retraced
where they took me? Slowly walking up to their campsite, I could hear a
few guys still drinking and talking about what they did to me. Well,
once they all passed out, I gathered their license and went back to my
truck. Upon returning, the two that grabbed me were left there to clean
up for the next girl they bring back to the camp. Pretending to be
lost, I asked for some food and water. I managed to get them to talk to
me, and I could tell they felt like they could get to take advantage of
me again. That is just where I wanted them. Now on to me getting my
revenge on them. I am in the mood for some Torture Phone Sex. How about you?

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Everyone in this one-horse town that I live in knows that you can come to me for some Mature Phone Sex. Oh yes, whenever my husband goes out of town for business the neighbors start talking. All of the men know that the first thing I do is unlock my back door and climb into the shower to shave up and get ready for a day full of fucking. The men around here know that I  am easy and I  will give them whatever their wives don’t. If they want to fuck me in the ass because their prude wives won’t, then I will pull out the lube and get on all fours. Carly Madison never says NO.


Can you imagine being at a family cookout with your wife? And watching all the men checking her out and smiling whispering? Well, that was my husband. All the men were checking me out because they knew of my reputation. My best friend’s husband took me out to the pool house when no one was looking and told me that his wife has been denying him for the past two weeks. He said that if he didn’t cum, he would lose his mind. We all know how helpful I am. So I got on my knees and opened my mouth wide for Cock Sucking Phone Sex. He slid that cock right down my throat and was blowing his load in no time. I swallow…

of course, I never waste that cum.


How would you like to find a woman like me in your neighborhood? I could be the next-door neighbor that you sneak out to meet on a regular basis for a nice fuck fest. Or maybe I could be your sister in law that just has to have her sister’s husband! Whatever you want, I promise you won’t be disappointed when you call me! I never say no! I am a people-pleasing wife and mother. So why not pull your cock out and call me tonight to get your cock off in for some Cheating Wife fun!

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Big Dick Phone Sex is such fun with a sissy boy loser. I knew he really wouldn’t love a big cock inside of him. But he has just been a bad sissy. Lately, he doesn’t do anything that I tell him to do. So it was time to teach him a lesson. I got him a pink mini skirt with a black top and some pink and black stilettos. Then I got him dressed up with a bunch of makeup on. I didn’t know if he had some lazy pink panties and a cute little pink bra. He pranced around for me telling me how beautiful and he was how happy he was to be such a pathetic little sissy for me.


He just had no idea I was coming for him the pain that he was going to go through the humiliation he was going to get there. I put a pink blindfold on him, and I ordered him down to his hands and knees. I open the door, and he can hear footsteps of all the guys that I had walking then he started to whimper and to let me know to cover his eyes so he could see what was going to happen. Sissy Boy!


I ordered him to shut up and told him he doesn’t need to worry about anything he just needs to be the right little pathetic to see that he has. The guys walked in, and they’ve pulled those big cocks out, and they walked over and one of them started to rub his cock around this is his mouth and then the other one around his ass and then two of them still on the side of him them dropped off. You could hear him whining saying I know it’s going to hurt mistress I just left, though.

I told him that he needs to be quiet he needs to take it like the good little fairy that he is after all I own him anyways. He said yes to me, and that is when the pounding started at the same time the one question to his mouth as the other one question to his ass he was starting to cum I looked, and I could see his cock swelling. The pathetic little talk that he does have by the time those big dicks were done with him he had come all over the place I let him go and I said until next time, little sissy boy. But he had to leave looking just like he did while he was on the floor with some of his face and all those lovely clothes still on. If you’re still awake, give me a call.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


I believe a young man in his early 20’s can be like an untamed Clydesdale. Large and out of control. I also believe I am just the Young Cock Phone Sex expert to break that young hard eager cock in. Young men are definitely full of energy, and my expert touch can give them an outlet for all that pent-up energy. It is good to have the guidance of an older experienced female to teach and help in increasing their stamina.

When a man is younger he is normally able to have multiple orgasms. Most of the” boys” I break in are fast to cum at first and can go again and again.  Sometimes those young cocks are pre-ejaculators and need a little extra help and  Most older mature females are marathon Fuckers that situation seems to work out perfectly. Those barely legal boys normally don’t make it long. I can teach them all they need to know.


The most important thing I teach is how to preserve the experience, and not cum so fast. I have been practicing this art for a long time. I think I am quite good at it. So if a younger man wants to learn a few things from an older and wiser female that exudes sexiness, and confidence, then they have found the right girl. I know once they have experienced my expertise they will know that they have run to the best milf for the job. That is what I call some Heated Phone Sex. Now I am ready to have some fun! Call me right now and let us get this great night started! I promise you will be satisfied!

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

Oh, you guys that love some hot Mother In Law Phone Sex. My daughter and of course your wife is beautiful but I am over the top sexy and you and I both know it. I have to admit that I have always enjoyed flirting with you, son-in-law. Yes, it is so taboo and  Maybe that is why it’s such a turn-on for me.I get wet thinking about that lingering kiss on the cheek or a close hug as you feel my tits pressing against your chest. What about my hand brushing against your thigh as I bite my lip, grind my thighs together and look into your eyes.


I get wet thinking about that lingering kiss on the cheek…

You always shift nervously when I get so outrageously brazen. I am sure you have noticed that my skirts are a little shorter and my blouse is unbuttoned a bit lower when you’re around. I don’t think she has even noticed all the glances between the two of us. I need some Taboo Phone Sex and  I want to seduce you so badly.


I have fantasized about your cock when I masturbate but I need to make it a reality. At the next family gathering, I want to follow you upstairs and corner you, pressing up against you and whispering how much I want you.  Your pants are unzipped and I’m on my knees with your dick in my mouth working on your shaft like an expert until I stop and take you into the bedroom for a sexual experience of a lifetime. Your wife is downstairs with the rest of the family while we get so nasty with each other. I am an expert in MILF Phone Sex and I am dying to rock your world.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


diaper lovers phone sex


Well hello, my lovely little adult babies and Diaper Lovers Phone Sex whores! I am so excited to see you again. Nanny has been away for a little bit, and now I’m back to play! I love to roleplay with AB/DL. Come visit my nursery; we’ll have so much fun together!

Nanny’s nursery has everything an Adult Baby Phone Sex boy could ever want – an adult size changing table with wet wipe heater and stocked with both disposable and cloth diapers (oh do I love adding extra inserts to make your bottom super padded); an adult size high chair with a harness to keep all my ABDL safe and secure; there is a rocking chair big enough for both of us for cuddling and story time…and for over the knee spankings when you are naughty! How could I forget my adult baby size locking crib, so babies will be safe and secure…and sometimes punished.

I am so excited to introduce you to my nursery, and I hope you will visit. You can see more about the type of fun we can have. I have so much to teach you about all the things that I do in my nursery. Love teaching men and women about being an adult baby and doing as their nanny or mommy tell them to do. Would like to teach them about how to wear diapers, onesies and so much more. Sometimes when my babies are very good I even allow them to be breastfed. Do you think that you deserve something like that from mommy? Now, why don’t you pick the phone up and call me now and let’s have some ABDL Phone Sex fun! Nanny will be waiting for you right now. Do not hesitate to give me a call I promise you will have a lot of fun with me! I love my diaper lovers!

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.
Apple Goddess
Every once in a while I want to have a little Black Girl Phone Sex. I
know what you’re thinking most girls would be talking about big black
cock or something. Not me though I had a good friend in high school
she was the sexiest black girl I had ever seen before. I couldn’t keep
my eyes off of her. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I wouldn’t be
able to keep my hands to myself either. She knew it too by the way I
was always gawking over her. She would say to me what are you looking
at. I would just laugh and say you know damn good and well what I am
looking at…

I was looking at that big booty and those big tits.

I told her I wanted to slap that ass and watch those cheeks shake and grab those
tits and suck them hard. I want to make those nipples stick out and
lick them so good. I love some ebony phone sex. Being a sexy white
girl liking a hot-ass black girl with big ole booty is fucking

She came on over later that night and I asked her to lay on the bed
with her big booty up in the air. I walked over got behind her and
spread that big ole ass apart and liked it. I love Ass Licking Phone
Sex. I liked it and fingered her tight little pussy until she came all
over my tongue. She tasted so delicious and creamy. I asked her if she
could come over again tomorrow so I could fuck that hot black pussy
with my strap-on dildo she said hell yeah let’s do it. She told me to
make her my own black little slut and that is what I did all year
long. Now we see each other once a year and I still get to lick that
pussy. I love a sweet black girl now.

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A warning from me to you, I am an expert at Hardcore Phone Sex. The more extreme, the better is what I always say. Couples who are into hot fetishes and kinky phone sex, don’t be shy! I really do love threesome phone sex the most. Sharing a big, fat cock with another sexy woman. Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t thought of sliding yourself into a stranger while she licks your wife’s pussy. I love to lick pussy, suck cock; any type of oral sex will make me squirt.


I also love to have full mind control in an intelligent way over my sissy boys. All my bitches will eat their cum and swallow their load with a smile on their faces. Have you ever experienced Cum Eating Phone Sex with a dominating slut like myself? You will jerk your junk and beat your balls to my amusement. If you do not do as you are told for any reason, you will be forced to the limits. Drinking your piss and begging for forgiveness. Golden shower phone sex has never been so hot before.


I will torture all my callers with my sex toys! They especially love my strap-on. I have a big Mandingo dick that I will snake down your throat. I hope that you gag and choke on it because I have no mercy or pity for you. If you’re into humiliation and spankings, I thrive on those in particular. Nothing like yelling at you about your small cock and making you watch me as I get fucked and filled with the most amazing dick. Which is NOT yours! You all know what to do. Get your panties on, get your toys out and get on your knees. Get ready for the most Hardcore Phone Sex call with your girl!


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Have you ever had Incest Phone Sex? I have it all started when I was younger. I could not keep my eyes off my brother. He was a few years younger than me. He grew up to be so fucking hot. I tried my hardest to ignore the fact that I wanted him right then and there. It did not last, though my parents asked me to keep an eye on him within a year later while they were at work. He was sitting right there on the couch watching cartoons. I looked over at him and knew right then, and there it was, time to get what I had always desired.


I walked over to my brother and said, you want to play a game and have some Incest Phone Sex with me? Of course, he said yes; he always did love spending time with his big sister. We started to play truth or dare, he picked truth, and I asked him if he ever thought about touching my butt. I asked that cause he had always told me how big my butt was. He laughed and turned red and said, yes, I always wanted to. Next, I picked dare; I said to him, I dare you to kiss my ass. He got a little nervous but said okay.


That is when it turned into some hardcore fucking. I stood up and pulled my pants down to nothing but my thong. I went right over in front of him and bent over, putting my ass right into his face and moving it around. He started to kiss my ass softly. I felt my pussy getting so wet, and I wanted to return the favor. Then I turned around to him and noticed he had a hard cock poking out through his pants. I unzipped them and pulled his little cock out, and started to suck it just like I had been craving to do. Not even two minutes later, my little brother shot his load in my mouth. We would have got to the fucking, but mommy and daddy came home. So we saved the rest of Incest Phone Sex until next time.


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I had never had Stranger Phone Sex before, but that all changed tonight when I had to get a little bit of shopping done. I was bending over to get a box of macaroni off the bottom shelf. When I noticed the guy standing behind me lean over at the same time. I looked back at him and asked if he liked what he saw. He blushed a little and just kept walking, he was sexy as hell. I kept shopping, and everywhere I turned, he was standing there looking at me. Decided that I had had enough of him just staring at me during PervertedPhone Sex.

I walked over to him and whispered in his ear if you like what you see meet me in the stock room. I was in the stock room waiting for a few minutes when he walked in. He did not say anything; he just looked at me. I asked him what he was looking at, did he like it or something. He blushed a little and just smiled. I grabbed him by his cock and said that is okay no names needed. I pulled his cock out and sucked on it till it was nice and hard for me. He was a nice strong guy, so I jumped up into his arms and wrapped my legs around him. The stranger turned around, pushed my back up against the wall, and thrust himself inside of me. Holding me up as he pounded my cunt like it had never been fucked before.


As I was checking out at the register, I noticed the stranger staring at me again. As I was leaving for my car, I walked by him and whispered in his ear, same time next week. He smiled and blushed again. Isn’t that hot knowing you can fuck someone and never have to tell them a damn thing about you! That’s the awesome thing about Stranger Phone Sex.

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


He strokes his cock while he whispers to me during our Hot Phone Sex calls. He tells me how he would like to bury his face in my pussy for some hot oral sex while I describe how I would give his big dick a good cock sucking. He calls me his mistress! We do a fantasy where his wife walks in just in time to see him pumping me from behind. Just thinking of him doing that to me my pussy is already getting soaking wet. Can you not tell me you never think of things like that? Come on all that sexy shit makes me so damn wet!


At first, she’s shocked and he grabs her. Pull’s her onto the bed and orders me to rip off her clothes. Then to suck her big tits while he’s pounding me. She gets so turned on that she straddles my face and I devour her pussy while her husband is screwing me and he gets so turned on he explodes inside my juicy pussy and she hungrily eats my sweet creampie! Next time, he’s going to call me for a two-girl call so we can really get off! You ready for a threesome good time? If so, call me,  for some hot and heavy Hardcore Phone Sex. Why am I still waiting for my phone to ring when I am this excited already baby? Come on the call already let’s get hardcore during our threesome!

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Well good morning all my little Adult Baby Phone Sex and diaper lovers! I hope you are staying warm and cozy in your diapers and onesies. What a strange winter it has been…normally Nanny has been out and about, hitting the slopes a few times by now. But with the lack of snow, it means I’ve had to come up with lots of indoor fun to have, for both me and my AB and DLs!

Here in the nursery, we love to play all sorts of games. This weekend, we spent lots of time taking all of the pillows and blankets and stuffed toys from all over the house and we all worked together to build a super cool fort! I didn’t remember to snap any pictures, but here is a super cool fort we want to build next time! Here is a little secret from Nanny. Inside a pillow fort is so quiet and private, the perfect place for your Nanny to show you lots of fun adult games and not caught…it’s one of my favorite places to give super special diaper changes and to show you how you can make Nanny feel special too…

What type of games would you like to have with your Adult Baby Phone Sex Nanny? I’d love to play them with you. Call me now and let me tell you and show you all the games I have in mind for us. I know one where we can both get all dressed up in our cute little diapers and dance around for one another. We will drink lots of water until we both cannot hold our pee anymore. But, whoever pees in their diaper first loses. Are you going to be the loser or am I? Call me now baby!

Adult Baby Phone Sex with Milfey Rita 800 613 1829


Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.