Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

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Let me tell you about my Cum Slut Phone Sex fantasies. I posted an ad in the newspaper a week ago looking for at least twenty men to do some work on my house. Of course, once they showed up they learned that there were a few more requirements for the job. They were in for a surprise though since I was looking for Gang Bang Phone Sex. They all show up within minutes apart. They were all trying to figure out why I had each one of them just waiting. Once all of them were there I told them what I placed the ad for. I figured some of them would leave when I said it. But, they all just looked at one another and started saying they were down for it.

They were all told that I want them to be in complete control.

They could do anything they wanted to me. There would be no limits at all. As long as they promised to each have a turn with me. To make sure all my holes were filled with cum and to not leave any holes out.

They all agreed, I stood up and took all my clothes off and then got on my hands and knees in the doggy-style position I figured it would be the best position to be in for them to be able to get to all my holes. They all stood up and pulled their cocks out. Within a few seconds, I had each one of my holes filled with cocks, and soon all my holes had cum inside of them.

One by one they kept switching in and out until were so full of their cum but they did not stop there, though. They wanted to give me one last nasty fucking time before they all left they ordered me to my knees and they made a big circle around me and jacked off and when they were ready to cum they shot it on my face, in my hair, and my mouth. Anywhere they wanted to as long as I was a cum filled slut I did not care at all.  Nasty Phone Sex is the best.


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