Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex



adult babies PHONE SEXYour queen has arrived so get on your knees and worship my beautiful perfect perky tits, slick pussy, and tight glory hole of a hot pussy. I will take your body to the edge and push you over into ecstasy with my Extreme Phone Sex.  I have a really vivid imagination, and even if you aren’t quite sure what you’re up for, don’t worry. I promise to come up with something that will do it for you.  extreme can be any number of things – maybe you want to be told how to jerk off and when or if you’re allowed to have an orgasm. Maybe you want to be bent over and be spanked because you have been a really naughty boy. Or you want a more hardcore version of an extreme – cock and ball tease. Oh, man.. I really love it when a guy calls me for extreme phone sex. Giving a man orders to please me like a queen is so hot.  pinch, squeeze my tits suck and lick my pussy & ass hole, feet .(among other things) really gets me excited.

I like the way you get hard & throb when you please me. Starting at my toes
sucking them in your mouth. Telling you to suck them in & out. Is so hot seeing you do as you’re told. I make you kiss your way up my legs to my thighs. Telling you this smell and kiss those swollen pussy lips. Then opening them and sucking on that pussy and clit. Get a big mouthful of pussy juice spread that ass crack and spit it in there. Oh yes please, you’re Hot Phone Sex Queen. Reach down and jerk cock, rub those balls. Think about how bad you want that cock in that hot pussy. See how that wet pussy is dripping and oozing out of the hot hole. You want extreme spit on it and slap it. You want that hot cunt so bad your dick is oozing jizz. Rub your big fat swollen balls on that wet pussy. Tell me how bad you want inside my sloppy wet holes. You’re at the edge ready to explode. I make you suck on those tits biting licking and kissing. You’re starting to go down again. That’s when I grind my wet pussy against your swollen cock. Telling you how I want you to fuck your queen. That’s when I push that hole up against it and slide it in. You feel those warm wet pussy walls. You want extreme so let’s do a hot extreme phone sex call with your queen. Your fantasies are our only limits.
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