Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex


Everyone knows how sexy Squirting Phone Sex can be with a voluptuous horny woman like me. If you call me, you  one of the luckiest men if you allow me to use you for my squirting needs. I want to yank you into my bedroom by your hard cock, force you to strip naked, and lay on your back with your head draped off the bed. IIiin youron your face, thumbing over my clit and forcefully fucking my cunt with three fingers. I want to ooze all over you with my juicy cunt. Open your mouth and close your eyes. I hope you can hold your breath because I will suffocate you for a while.

My juices are running down your chin!

Do you feel my clit in your mouth? My juices are running down your chin. Fuck! I am not sure whether I have to piss or squirt. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Either way, you are going to ingest these bodily fluids. You are damn lucky I allow you so close to the honeypot. Most men live their entire lives without receiving the pleasure they are getting. It’s okay, go ahead and jerk your cock. I want you to shoot all of your cum inside of me when I am ready. Now climb on top and give me a taste of that juicy cock of yours. I want to feel all your hot creamy cum shooting all over me. How did you like your Squirting Phone Sex experience?

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