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Taboo Phone Sex


Laura M

You are such a pathetic nasty Panty Sniffer Phone sex boy, aren’t you? I caught you again! Stealing panties from the hamper and jerking your cock off with them. You have quite a collection, your wife’s, your daughters, her friends that spend the night even grandmas panties.

You sick addicted Loser Phone Sex pervert!

You are addicted to the smell of a woman’s cum and juices or in some cases little girls or even old ladies. I even send you mine and my daughters after they have been worn for days. I laughed so hard at the picture you sent me of you wearing your mother in laws big granny panties. You were so pathetic with them hanging off of you and your cock sticking out so hard inside of them.

Here you are again with a fresh new pair stolen from that little neighbor girl that spent the night last night. They have a little brown skid mark in the back and it looks like she masturbated and came very hard in them. She and your daughter must have played hard last night together. Now you can take a deep breath with them on your nose and breathe her smell. Then you can wrap them around your cock and feel that silky lacy material sliding up and down the shaft. Go ahead and pull them tight around the head they are still so moist from her cum and cunt juices. Just close your eyes and imagine her wrapped around your throbbing cock and blow your hot load right into them. I can always get you to that point with Panty Sniffing Phone Sex.

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