Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

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I’m totally smitten with my new Phone Sex boyfriend that I met at the gym the other day. He has a completely hot, sexy voice and always eager to make me cum before he gets off. We have a lot in common. It is very easy for me to want to give him my attention all day long. He’s really all I can think about, We actually met at the gym the other day. He was so hot in those Under Armor workout shorts all sweaty and muscle-bound mmm yea.

Each time I pick up the phone and I hear his voice my body automatically responds with a fast heartbeat and my salivary glands go into overdrive as I think about his cock in my mouth. I picture it just the way it went down that first day at the gym. He spotted me first. I was about to go into the shower when he walked past me patting his face with a towel. I smiled and so did he. I actually rubbed slightly against him as we passed and I could tell his cock was starting to immediately get hard. My nipples perked up at the prospect of him fucking my gorgeous tits. I had to follow him and see what would happen. We ducked into the next room it was empty, we were in luck. From there he didn’t even introduce himself, he just grabbed my ass and pulled me tight to him with those big arms and thrust his crotch right into me. I had to have it I pulled off my shorts in record time and pushed him down on the bench beside us. He pulled me up to his face and proceeded to lick me into an orgasm. We sucked and fucked away our whole workout time.

I look for him every time I go to the gym now.

I just can’t get enough him and so I am motivated like any good girlfriend would be to give him my new Workout Phone sex attention 24/7. I just love lavishing my new boyfriends with all the attention they can handle. If you’re ready to be spoiled, then I’m your girl.

Workout Phone Sex with Jade Schmidt 800 613 1829

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