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Taboo Phone Sex

kinky phone sex

Today I showed this couple that called me just how I deliver kinky phone sex. They called me for a steamy fantasy. I was excited because man and wife both had very sexy voices. They wanted to do a fantasy role play that I was their babysitter staying with them for the weekend.  I would watch their little ones while they were at work. I just love how detailed they were, in telling me and after they would go to sleep. We allowed them to be in their bed overnight.


I was expected to go in the guest bedroom, immediately get the TV on and watch a porno and turn on the camera in the room and start fucking myself with one of my sex toys. Then they would catch me and humiliate and dominate me at the same time. The man would give me a hardcore spanking while the woman would put her pussy in my mouth. I knew that I would be expected to eat her out till she came.


I think they had this all figured out for a long time, in the type of woman they were looking for to scream at, husbands telling me to do cock stroke and some cock sucking until he came at least three times. He then decided to turn it into a rape fantasy while his milf of a wife told me this band’s goal was to get my barely legal pussy pregnant.The couple actually decided to tip me at the end of the call and said they will call me in a few days to have another kinky phone sex call. I knew I would be an obedient slut for such a sexy hot couple, why wouldn’t I want to?

kinky phone sex

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

prostitution phone sex

I ran into an old acquaintance of mine the other day and it didn’t take me long to find out that he wanted prostitution phone sex and I was more than happy to oblige him. I went out of my way to dress just a slutty as I could. Before he called I took a look at myself in the mirror and admired the way the extremely short blue skirt I was wearing hugged my tight round ass. The sweeping neckline showed plenty of cleavages and the thigh highs just touched my ass cheeks as they peeked out from under the hem of my skirt perfectly.


I love to look at myself in my thigh highs with my ass in the air when I’m taking a pounding from one of my many young hotel johns.I am such a cum whore that being a prostitute works beautifully for me. I love strolling the streets and local bars for johns. Sometimes they don’t even want to take the time to go to a room and so we just walk out into the alley and I squat down and blow them right there with cars and people walking right by. I just swallow their jizz and take their money.

I have lots of slutty hot stories to tell you about my days and nights fucking my johns. Then I will make you blow your hot load too just like they do. Don’t you think that would be hot as hell? We could even do a roleplay phone sex call where you are my John and I am your whore. I mean, after all, I am your whore anyway over the phone when you are paying for me to please you even though you are pleasing me as well. Call me now.

prostitution phone sex

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

SEX TOYS phone sex


My adult baby has been sucking his thumb which I know is not a good habit. He started sucking it when he lost his pacifier one day, but now he has been sucking it almost all the time. My adult baby sucks his thumb when he is tired, while he’s eating, even while I’m changing his diaper. He basically sucks his thumb all day. When I asked him, before bedtime one night, why he’s been sucking on his thumb so much, he told me that it makes him feel better. He told me that he worries a lot and that sucking his “thumb-thumb makes all the bad thoughts go bye-bye.”

So I thought about it and decided that if it makes him feel better, I’m going to let my little one suck his thumb. I even bought him a little stuffed animal that also sucks his thumb. He was so happy when I gave it to him. He squeezed it tight and named it “Binky.” I told my ABDL that he could keep sucking his thumb until “Binky” stopped sucking his.

So now at night, we cuddle on the couch while I read him a story, as he holds “Binky” and sucks his thumb loudly with a lot of sucking noise and drool. Seeing my ABDL happy puts a smile on my face. I love when my little adult baby knows how to make mommy happy. I take him to the bed so I can read to him a little book he likes. Kissing him on the cheek every once in awhile until he is fast asleep cuddling up close to mommy and her breasts in his face. Mommy knows just have to make her little one happy, doesn’t she? Call mommy now so she can make you happy.


Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

butt plug phone sex

Man if a girl has never had a butt plug used on her then she does not know what she is missing. The hottest thing ever is when the guy sticks them inside of your ass. Then starts fucking you and as soon as he knows you are about to cum he pulls them out. That will make you orgasm and squirt all over the place. The first time I ever had it done it hurt my ass. Some to have the beads put in there but once they were in and he started fucking me. I could feel myself start to cum.


Soon as I told my man that I was cumming he has begun to pull them out, and right then I exploded all over his cock, squirting all over the place.Then he shoved them back into my ass and went down and began licking my cunt and the same thing pulled them out when I was ready to cum. Those beads are just amazing, and if you have never used them before then you damn sure better, I promise it will be the best time of your life.

Now, some guys are going to say they won’t do it or even like it just like my boyfriend did. But, I promise you that if you can just get them to do it, or do it to them anyway. They will love it! Lay your man down on the bed and spread his legs and go down and start to suck and lick his cock and balls spitting to make sure that his balls are getting wet but also so some of the spit is going down between his ass cheeks. Once you have it very wet down there, slide those anal beads right into his tight ass. Now, make sure you are still sucking or they won’t like it. Do the same thing he did to you, soon as you know he is about to pull them out. But, watch out because you will be getting double the size of the load of cum you normally get. Call me and tell me all about your butt plug experiences whether you used them on someone else, or they used them on you! I want to hear it all!

butt plug phone sex

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


sensual phone sex

Hey guys, I am home tonight and ready for all of your sensual phone sex calls. I just got home from a bar, where I flirted my way to free drinks all night long. There were plenty of tall, dark and handsome men that had my attention. But none of them stood out as being the one that I could share my bed with. What do you guys think? Do you just drop your boxers for every pretty piece of ass or do you really want to find the one that you could have a real connection with?


I am not saying that I want to be ” in love” with my conquest. But I really need to be attracted to him in every way. Imagine a woman, walking up to you! Dropping her dress. Beautiful, succulent breasts and a tight little snatch. She is everything, every man wants. But she just doesn’t spark something inside of you. I want to spark that something for you. I want to not only come into your bedroom but invade that sexy little mind of yours in girlfriend experience phone sex. Let my silky voice sweet talk you as we lay in one another’s arm.


I want to slide my hands over your arms, kissing every inch of you. Letting my blonde hair drape across my nipples, to which your mouth is hungry to suck. Come on baby, touch me in all the right places and I can promise you I will return the favour. Let me climb on top of you, my beautiful long legs holding you close. Oh my, your hardness pressing into me. Moving a little faster on you, bringing you to the brink of orgasm. But don’t stop there, keep going until you and I both climaxes with the thought of sensual phone sex.

sensual phone sex

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

sensual domination phone sex

Do you long for the feeling of pain combined with the deep sensation of pleasure? Well, then you need to call me now, for the best sensual domination phone sex you could ever imagine. I would absolutely love to put you in your place when you come over for your session. I want to help you learn your manners, and give you all sorts of rewards for your good behaviour. But do not forget that you will receive punishment for the disappointments that you are sure to cause me.


There will be many things that you aren’t allowed to do, no matter how badly you want to until you are granted permission. I enjoy the control I will have over you in mind control phone sex. I can hear you begging me already, begging for the permission to kiss me, begging for permission to touch your swollen cock. You are aching for the feeling of my skin against yours, for you to release. If you do everything exactly as I requested, exactly as I say, I can promise you the most intense orgasm of your life.


So go ahead and lay back, my pretty boy. I love controlling my little subs and you won’t be an exception… I will give you exact directions on just how to hurt those nipples, put those nuts in pain, tease every single inch of that throbbing cock and eventually, I will allow you to cum and I can make that happen multiple times for you! Wouldn’t you just love for your Mistress to allow you to orgasm after a long night of tease and denial phone sex? Your cock will swell for me, it’ll throb so hard it’s painful. You will be denied your orgasm so much your balls with ache. But through all this pain, you will be guaranteed your powerful and intense pleasure. Trust me when I say you will never find someone to offer you sensual domination phone sex as me.

sensual domination phone sex

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.



You wake up in the middle of the night hungry, so you
stumble still a little sleepy into the kitchen. Suddenly
you are wide awake when you catch a sight of your mother bent over in her sexy panties and lacy purple bra in front of the fridge also looking for something to eat.Meanwhile your just standing there staring and your cock starts to get hard. You know you always wanted to fuck your mom. Ever since you
saw her in the shower a few nights back. I know what
your thinking I want me some Family Fun Phone Sex

Suddenly mommy looks over and sees you staring and
also sees your rock hard cock. 

Come on son let’s get
that taken care of. ” I say as I point toward that
hard prick of yours.I lead you into the bedroom and to the bed. Mommy
takes off your shirt,then those,tight blue boxers as
you crawl into bed. I start to slowly stroke that hard
dick eventually getting faster and faster to get it
nice and rock hard.

Once that cock is hard I stop, Take off my sexy panties
practice your Oral Pleasure Phone Sex like the
good son that you are. Flicking that tongue over
top my clit watching me squirm and moan. I pull
you up off my dripping pussy. You help me get my bra
off by clipping the back as the straps slide off my
shoulders and then it falls to the floor. I pull you
toward me and you go and suck on my nipples.”Stick
your throbbing teenage cock in my waiting pussy!”
You stick your teenage cock in my wet mommy pussy. “Oh
yes mom it feels so good!” “Don’t stop son don’t stop!”
As we both climax together. After that we cuddle up together
and fall fast asleep. ” Don’t tell your dad about this.”
“Yes mommy. I wanna do this again tomorrow.”
“we will see honey” I say with a chuckle as we both drift
off to sleep.

If this makes your cock hard then definitely call in
and have some Incest Phone Sex with me!

cock ring PHONE SEX

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.



I have to tell you about the dream I had all about Lesbian Phone Sex So okay, here I was at the bar. I was sipping on my mojito, checking out a few much older men across the room. When this woman comes up and sits beside me. She was gorgeous, but I was not interested in being with a woman. I just never found women to be attractive or sexy to me. But she certainly had it in for me. She was all over me giggling and whispering naughtiness.


I guess I was slipped something in my drink because, after a while, she had me on the dance floor. Bumping and grinding against my pussy. I knew I would be in trouble when I looked at her chest and fell in love with Big Tits Phone Sex. I was so jealous of how big her tits were compared to mine. Just wanted to touch them, I wanted to feel her nipples fill my mouth. Right there on the dance floor, I didn’t care who watched me.

Putting my mouth on her neck, I started to suck gently. Yea baby, I am not lesbian but I wanted her mouth all over me. She took me by the hand and drug me to the bathroom. Pushed me up against the wall and ripped my panties down. She slammed her fingers into my really wet pussy and finger fucked me till I was squirting all over her hands and face. Then she took her panties down and pushed my mouth against her hairy cunt. Oh man, the feeling of a clit in my mouth. I had never known such joy til now. I knew I would be in trouble in this Lesbian Phone Sex Dream

threesome PHONE SEX

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

 small cock humiliation

My husband tells me all the time about his pathetic small cock. I did not want to hear it when I was all ready to go out with my girlfriends this weekend! So I decided to bring home something that he never really expected, though. I had to do what I needed to put my husband in check I was tired of listening to his shit. My husband is always walking around bragging about his cock and how he pleases me I’ll never leave him and all that other shit. But the truth is he has this pathetic tiny little cock that does absolutely nothing for me, and I haven’t gotten off in years. I used just to let him say whatever he wanted and get over it but not anymore.

I brought this guy home from the club while my husband was at work and I took him to my bedroom, and he pulled out his huge monster cock, and I stroked it. Right, when I do that my husband was going to be walking in. He walked in the bedroom, and I could tell that he was Furious, but I told him just to come over here and grab them then they pulled his thing he calls a cock out. And I put it up against the new guys car and I said no this is a car, and this is what really would please a woman just look at that it’s one of those huge monster Mandingo cocks. It’s so happy so thick and it just so delicious and juicy looking.

I wasn’t expecting what I got, this pathetic little worthless husband of mine dropped down to his knees and begged this new guy to shove his monster cock deep into the back of his. He looked up at me, and he apologized to me and told me how worthless and tiny his cock is and how it would never do anything for me. He would never try to fuck me again. He explained to me that all he wanted to do was watch this monster cock tear my little pussy apart and then he wanted to suck every bit of his cum out of my pussy. You can’t tell me that my husband isn’t going to be a damn good cuckold bitch.

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex With Michelle Sienna 1-800-613-1829

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

adult babies phone sex


Well good morning all my little adult babies and diaper lovers! I hope you are staying warm and cozy in your diapers and onesies. What a strange winter it has been…normally Nanny has been out and about, hitting the slopes a few times by now. But with the lack of snow, it means I’ve had to come up with lots of indoor fun to have, for both me and my AB and DLs!

Here in the nursery, we love to play all sort of games. This weekend we spent lots and lots of time taking all of the pillows and blankets and stuffed toys from all over the house and we all worked together to build a super cool fort! I didn’t remember to snap any pictures, but here is a super cool fort we want to build next time! Here is a little secret from Nanny. Inside a pillow fort is so quiet and private, the perfect place for your Nanny to show you lots of fun adult games and not caught…it’s one of my favourite places to give super special diaper changes and to show you how you can make Nanny feel special too…

What type of games would you like to have with Nanny? I’d love to play them with you. Call me now and let me tell you and show you all the games I have in mind for us. I know one where we can both get all dressed up in our cute little diapers and dance around for one another. We will drink lots of water until we both cannot hold our pee anymore. But, whoever pee in their diaper first loses. Are you going to be the loser or am I? Call me now baby!

adult babies phone sex

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


Well, the rent and bills were all due, and I had no money left. I hadn’t done as much phone sex this month, so I was way short. After I had stopped crying, I dried my eyes and decided to call the landlord over. I had a proposition for him I am sure he wouldn’t turn down. However, I needed more than just the rent this month I needed the lights and water paid too. I had a plan, though. He had been after me to get into my tight almost virgin ass for a while now. Hey, don’t judge a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Besides, I like Anal Phone Sex. I just never wanted to give it up like that. I save that for special occasions.

When he showed up I was in that cute tank top and panties I knew he liked. I fixed him a glass of tea and sat on the couch next to him. My legs spread just so because I knew my panties were almost see thru. I let him kiss me as his hand fell between my thighs. Did he start whispering you ready to pay your rent this month little girl? I kissed him real deep and grabbed his already hard cock. I pulled back a bit and said… “Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” He pulled back and looked at me like oh shit she’s fixing to cut me off from that sweet young  pussy. He does have quite the fetish for young  pussy. I calmed his fears I wasn’t cutting him off.

However… I need just a little more help this month. As I slid to the floor to start licking his already exposed cock. Looking up at him with my big eyes and my tongue teasing his cock dripping with pre-cum. (My mama didn’t raise any fool …itis difficult for a man to say no to a girl with your cock to her lips) “My other bills are due you know lights and water,” I said as my velvety tongue slid up and down his hard shaft. He started to balk “Now girl I already give you a place to live for that pussy what you think I am made of money? Not like that teen pussy is made of gold and shit.” That’s when I stood up and shook my ass at him… “ What would it be worth to you to tap this ass finally?” I knew Blackmail Phone Sex was going to work for me.He started grinning like a fool.. he had been trying to get in my tight ass for a year now. He stood up and smiled as he took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I got you baby girl and if that tight ass is as good as I think it is I will throw in an extra fifty, so you have some spending money… Yep, that’s how a smart girl gets it done… when he left, he said let me tap that ass again next month, and I will give you a bit of extra help next month too… Guess that ass was pretty damn good huh?

                           Backmail Phone Sex with Shayna Lizbeth 800 613 1829



Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


While away on a trip I had the most enjoyable twisted time that involves torture phone sex. There were 2 guys who thought they were having their way with me. Want to hear about it? Visiting with some friends in the upper Maine area I stopped for some cigs and forgot gas. There I was on the side of the road when 2 guys in a wrangler pulled up. They were asking if I needed help with anything before driving off. Well, I thought they drove off. Drunk and being rude trying to grab and pull on me. I slapped one and tried to run but the other one caught up and punched me in my face. I woke up and found that I was butt naked spread eagle tied to the roll bars.

My face is sore and covered with cream as well as my mouth is filled with it as I was trying to move I felt something inside of me. They both laughed saying there is a double barrel in your pussy licking phone sex and a rifle in your asshole. They even said that a few of their friends had their way with me. After begging and pleading for my life they finally let me loose back at my truck thinking they would never see my face again.

Were those bastards wrong after filling up I went back and retraced where they took me? Slowly walking up to their campsite I could hear a few guys still drinking and talking about what they did to me. Well once they all passed out I gathered their license and went back to my truck. Upon returning the two that grabbed me were left there to clean up for the next girl they bring back to the camp. Pretending to be lost I asked for some food and water. I managed to get them to talk to me and I could tell they felt like they could get to take advantage of me again. That is just where I wanted them. Now on to me getting my revenge on them. Call me now for some kinky phone sex

Torture Phone Sex With Karina Markette 1-800-613-1829

torture phone sex


Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.


girlfrieend phone sex

Cum and get coed phone sex with your favourite dirty school girl! I can’t wait to get off with you when you call for these big tits wrapped around your cock. Just imagine a steamy little role play where I am the college Co-Ed that is home for spring break. I have seen you sneaking peaks at me while I was sunbathing outside by my family’s pool. You can be sure that when your wife is away, I will be able to come over to hang out. Aren’t you the little voyeur!


Do you want to hang out? Hang out with your hot little phone sex fuck? There is nothing off limits to me! I can make all of your pervy pedo dreams come true. Even if it means hurting underage cunnys with some accomplice phone sex. You can do anything you want to me while your wife is away. I know she wouldn’t understand your love of incredibly filthy phone sex. I love it when you and we have cheated on your wife phone sex.


So why don’t you let me in! Come into your bedroom and bend over right in front of you. There isn’t anything that will turn me away during our Kinky No Limits Phone Sex call! Do you want to fuck me in my tight little Co-Ed ass? Do you want me to suck your dirty cock clean in some sexy cock sucking phone sex? After a nice, deep anal screw? I certainly will because coed phone sex is one of my favourites! Call me to enjoy a kinky no limits phone sex fantasy today!!!

COED phone sex

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

hot phone sex

I love me some hot phone sex that is for sure it is so much fun! I love when a man makes me get on my knees and orders me to suck their cocks! It gets me so excited that I beg him to grab me by the back of my head and fuck my throat harder and harder. As he is doing that to me he starts to call me very dirty names like fucking whore and bitch. As he does that it makes my pussy so damn wet. I love when he does that to me.


Soon as I feel myself getting soaking wet I reach down between my legs and begin to rub. I rub my clit so hard that I start to cum all over my fingers. I look up at him as I am cumming, although I do not stop sucking that lovely big cock of his. That is when I feel him start to cum hard in the back of my throat! I swear sucking dick is so fucking hot. He begged me to let him fuck my tight little pussy but I refused. Only because I wanted him to fuck my throat hard and deep! Fuck me harder make me your little fucking whore now! I want to be your nasty girl.


Do you think you can handle a cock sucking whore like me? I hope so because I am going to have you cumming so hard and fast when we talk. I want you to make me cum hard as well. As you tell me how I am going to be your bukkake fucking whore. Now do not keep me waiting anymore call me and let’s get off together now! My pussy is hot as hell do not wait for any longer baby!

HOT phone sex

Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.
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