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Taboo Phone Sex


I know you just love No Taboo Phone Sex  with Mistress Alexia. You just love the way I moan and cum hard when your hand is wrapped around my throat squeezing the life out of me. Feel the way my pussy tightens when your cock is shoved as deep as it can go in my tight little white ass. Choke me, gag me and turn me into your little cum dumpster slut! The nastier you are with me the better. I want to feel you squeeze so hard around my throat you cut the life from me. That’s it, keep going. Feel my body go limp underneath your dick. So that you are pounding a dead, slutty corpse.

I bet Forced Phone Sex is your thing isn’t it? The way you can throw yourself around at me. You can make me do whatever you want. You can turn me into the nasty, filthy whore you have always wanted. Especially the underage one. That’s right, I know your secret fantasy of wanting a slutty barely legal cunt to stick your dick into. A bald cunt that you can blow your load into, in hopes of breeding me. I want to breed with that thick cum of yours. Fill up my cunt with your sperm and make me your whore forever.

The thought of older men owning me just makes my pussy drip even more with anticipation. Closing my eyes and picturing a grey haired, wrinkled cock dipping into my teen phone sex honey pot brings me great joy. I just love the thought that I am doing the world a favor by making all the older men of the world cum! Opening up my legs and letting them dump their sperm into my fertile cunny. Come on men of the world, call Mistress Alexia tonight and enjoy the pleasures of No Taboo Phone Sex. I promise you will not be disappointed!


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Do you love being someone’s little toilet boy slave during our Dirty Domination  Phone Sex call??  If so, I’m ready to have you serve me with some really toilet play, my potty boy. That’s right, I’m in need of a submissive phone sex slut for some bathroom play phone sex. I’ll strip off your clothes, put you in the bathtub, squat my pretty little ass over you and cover you with golden showers and scat to my heart’s delight and force you to clean me up.

You are here to satisfy me, so I’ll be squirming on your face for some ass worship phone sex. If you’re naughty, I’ll bring in all of my friends to relieve themselves all over you, too! I love Domination Phone Sex and your job is to be dominated, so lay down and get ready to take it. I need a hot, soapy enema today, so get to it. Fill me up then sip it out of a champagne glass, slut. There’s nothing I won’t do to you to get off, so don’t call me unless you can handle me.

I used and abused one of my toilet slaves yesterday, and he loved every drop and can’t wait to call me back and get more of my sweet juices! He loves to suck my ass until he gets his fill, his lips and tongue driving me crazy until I squirt all over his face. It takes a lot to satisfy me, so if you think you are up to the job, give me a call and I will be the judge, slave. I have to go really bad, so call me now for Domination Phone Sex!!!

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

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I know better than anyone when your wife goes to the store, you don’t have but a few minutes for our Quickie No Taboo Phone Sex. I won’t take it personally when you can only get away for 10 minutes. I promise you, I will still give you the best quality phone sex that I have to offer. There are so many things we can do in just a short period of time. So make sure you have that cock ready and waiting for me when I come onto the line. I want you to have that stiff cock out and drenched with lube.

What are some of the things that will really get you off in just a short amount of time? I have a sweet, young voice that pedophiles just love. So what about an extreme Age Play Phone Sex session. Hear me beg and giggle for your hot load. Or maybe your incest phone sex side will come out. Daddy needs his little girl to make that cock of his cum… Don’t you daddy. Don’t forget, just because I am a dirty teen, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t give you amazing diaper loving phone sex. I would love to be your nanny, that has to take good care of you.

There really are so many things that we could do. I have no limits and no taboos. So anything you can think of, you can bring to our call. Nothing offends me, and I have talked about it all. Even if we don’t have a lot of time, I would love to tell you all about the fun I have with my doggie. Oh does that turn you on daddy? Seeing your daughter be real dirty with the puppy? I will make that red rocket shoot just for you. I promise that by the end of our Quickie No Taboo  Phone Sex call, you will blow the hardest load.

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I love  NoTaboo Phone Sex. I really want to fulfill your hot, steamy, Family Fun Phone Sex fantasies. Would you like to get in the shower with Mommy and feel her big,hard swollen breasts, and pointy hard nipples pressed up against her sweet boys back? Mommy loves your hard, bulging cock pressed up against her tight, sweet soft ass cheeks as she showers up with all the soapy bubbles. Want me to stroke that hard cock up and down as I wash it shiny clean? Incest phone sex makes Mommy’s pussy drip with juice, pulse and swell with love for you.

Let me see how big and deliciously pink you are. Mommy wants to break you in and and show you whats its like to have my mouth licking you up and down your juicy, hard, shaft.. I love to have my sweet boy’s cock on my wet lips, swollen pussy, and tight, round ass and big beautiful, full tits. Kinky phone sex makes Mommy so hot and bothered. My pussy is getting all lathered up. I know you are really hard sex and wanting some great Hot Mommy Phone Sex. I love all kinds of Nympho Phone Sex and Mommy really, really, wants to to talk to you! Yummy!

I wanna play with my boy and we can use all of my sex toys. Mommy Son Phone Sex is so much fun for boys and their Mommies! Wanna have Mommy teach you how to fuck her doggy style? I know you always have wanted Mommy to be the first pussy you ever put your sweet young cock into. You want to return to where you came from and put delicious cum all up in Mommy with some Family Fun Phone Sex. How about you give Mommy some good, big Cream Pie!

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You young boys don’t know what you are in for when you call me for Granny Phone Sex! I am the real deal when it comes to fucking my little grand babies. I have several of them running around here. A few of them aren’t even out of diapers yet. Can you believe what a pedo I am? Playing with my little diaper wearing grand kids! I bet you probably like that don’t you? You love that when I have my grandson visiting me, I always make it a point to play with him! Sometimes I carry him to the bathtub with me, where he learns all about where he might have come from. I know how much of a twisted old bitch I am, but I don’t care. As long as no one tells my daughter what I do, I will be okay!


You have no idea what a dirty old woman I am for Granny Phone Sex. I spread my pussy and stick his little  hand right up inside of my hairy cunt. I work him in and out, and sometimes if he is a really good boy, I put my tits in his mouth too. Of course I don’t breastfeed him, but he doesn’t have to know milk doesn’t come out of these jugs. The way he suckles my nipples while I jerk his hand in and out. It makes me cum almost immediately, but I never just stop at one orgasm. No I keep going, I never let him go home without sucking on his little boy pee pee. I stand him on the edge of the tub and bring his penis to my mouth. He sometimes giggles as soon as I put my tongue on it, but his laugh never lasts long. It usually turns into long, drawn out moans. He gets so hard for being a diaper wearing little on. I know that he can’t cum, but to suck him off still makes me a happy granny!


Do you like how dirty of an old woman I am? I sometimes get real nasty when I have several of my grand babies over. When we curl up in bed, I make sure we are all naked. I love to teach my preschool granddaughter just how to suck on her little brother’s penis. But I love more than that licking on her underage kiddie cunt. Sometimes when she is a good girl, I make her squirt all over my fingers and then feed them to her brother. I want him to get a good taste of her pussy, so when he gets a little older he will crave to lick it! He will crave to suck the juices out of her! But until then I will just train them to be little child sluts like I want them to be. You know that talking about my grandchildren is really making your cock throb! You know you want to join in with me Then why don’t you grab your little boy pee pee and call me for some real nasty Granny Phone Sex

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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.

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I have a new sissy slave who loves doing Tranny Phone Sex calls with me! He was nervous to tell me that he wanted to explore his wildest fantasy with me, so we took it slow at first and worked up to some hard core phone sex!  He had never had a real cock before. He  just saw my beautiful pictures and decided he wanted a shemale to help him with feminization, and now he’s my sexy panty boy. He loves to do whatever I want and whatever I say. He is truly owned by this sexy, chocolate cock of mine.

I took him shopping for pretty things and had his hair and nails done, then I took him home and taught him about mutual masturbation and how to really enjoy oral phone sex. He kept calling back and I guided him through being truly submissive to me. He called yesterday and was ready for me to introduce him to the finer pleasures of hard core phone sex. I made him feel beautiful, and we spent time touching and cuddling and after he sucked me rock  hard, I gently entered him and caressed him as I slowly moved in and out of his man pussy, then we both got so excited, we went crazy and both exploded in ecstasy.

Now he’s mine, and we love spending time on the phone together. If you have ever wanted to explore that side of you but were afraid to, I’m your woman. Even if you’re a first timer, call me and I will guide you. I am willing to take all the time you need to discover the erotic feeling of a shemale phone sex call. You won’t be disappointed.  I want you to experience hard core phone sex at its finest and fulfill your fantasies!

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This hot sexy Cougar wants to play all day every day a lot like the younger kids do. I definitely like the young sexy hot studs in my bed right in front of my husband during our cuckold phone sex play. There is nothing like holding that big juicy….You know what I am talking about…  Cuckold Phone Sex can be so exciting and fulfilling. Just plain fun with this Mature woman, you can never go wrong with a big cock for me. that is for sure!That    pathetic little cock of yours  will never be able to please me.

Of course, you can’t help the fact that you have the smallest little dick I have ever seen, I know that but how will I  ever get satisfied? I’m not your normal naughty woman Cougar I am a kinky and very sexy nympho. I can’t get enough of that young hot stud cock right in front of your little small penis  cock or should I say it is a wannabe cock more like a… We will stop there hehe. I bet you like to hear all the naughty things I can do with that big cock to make that little wannabe cock wanting me but you know I won’t get satisfied with that little pecker. All I can offer you are the left overs after my sexy stud cums so hard inside of my pussy.

As I have said I am the cuckold queen and will take your BIG cocks to pure pleasure. All you little bitty cocks can stay in your pants when it is around me unless I am letting a huge cock  fuck my ass, pussy and mouth, it will be stretching it out like you’ve always wanted to but never have before. You never will make me feel like I’ve got a big studs fat cock inside me. You’ll just have to sit back and watch me taking that slick big black cock balls deep into my awaiting creamy wet pussy. You will never be able to handle this Cougar Nympho and her naughty ways.. Or can you? Try me in a cuckold phone sex fuck!

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Barely Legal phone sex…Graduation is an emotional time for most a time for celebration. For me, it’s like being released from hell, pure torture. Most people didn’t get me anyway so when I was invited to one of the little prissy chick’s party I was sure it was a joke. I am always up for a good challenge, so I decide to show up dressed like the freak I am. I show up, and she and all her cookie cutter friends were sitting out on the patio. Some of the guys were rough housing, and their white bread music was blaring.

Everyone was having fun but when I walked in the air nearly stood still… I felt them all staring. But I wasn’t going to let it bother me. I heard a few whispers and sneers. I wondered again while Miss Priss invited me. So I waited and watched. There were a few of the other outcasts at this party also and that just made me suspicious. These  bitches can sometimes be more sadistic than I ever thought to be. So I sat back, and I watched.

Then I noticed one of the jocks flirting with one of the little girls, and he was coaxing her just to have one drink. I also noticed that the drink never got empty. A while later I noticed the virgin was MIA and so were about six of the jocks. I started roaming around and found them all in the basement recreation room about  to run a fucking gang bang on the poor drunk girl. “ I spewed out that it’s rape if any of them touch her.” The sadistic little bastards laughed. I pulled my blade from my bag and cut the biggest one ever so slightly on the cheek. I got a big thrill from it I have to admit. It did serve the purpose the rest of them cursed something under their breath about me being an evil bitch, and they didn’t want sloppy seconds, thirds or fourths anyway.

I told them to carry her upstairs and call her a cab or I’d tell everyone I caught them sucking each other off. The only one left down stairs with me was a big man on campus who spews well you cost me a fuck freak girl so now you can let me fuck you. “ I told him okay but not here… I wanted him to take me to my favorite place. I’d meet him by his truck  in ten minutes.

I stood out by his truck and waited it took him nine minutes to come slinking out… this was going to be fun… I would be the fuck he never forgets. I was going to get wet from every little cut I make on his worthless body. *evil laugh” this might be the most fun I have had all year. You’ll have to call me to hear all the Torture Phone Sex I put him thr0ugh.

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I really never thought about Kinky BDSM and Domination  Phone Sex before. But then there was this one night that I met this guy at this club. It didn’t take long to find out that he was just a little different. He told me that he was into tying girls up. I first told him he was crazy and that he was never going to do that to me. He didn’t seem to mind that I was not into it he just said  let me try it with your friend first and  being the slut that she is she was going  for it.

Once we were at her place and comfortable She laid he head back and  put her arms up on the headboard, and she let him tie her up legs and arms. He then placed a blindfold over her eyes. He asked me if I would  grab some plastic . He had brought in this bag that was full of his toys. It seemed to me to be like Saran Wrap. At that point I was very  curious as to what he was going to do next. He started to wrap her from her legs to her chest in it. He made sure that he left her pussy open so that it was not covered. Once she was completely covered in the wrap. He spread her legs apart while they were still tied up and bound.

While her legs were spread apart he started to stroke his cock it was  big thick and juicy  and getting rock hard. He climbed up and slid inside of her. I watched as he pumped her hard. I was getting excited and very wet as I watched. He wrapped his hands around her neck and began to choke her lightly. I was shocked  At first but I could see her expression and I could tell that she was loving it. She started to cum and I couldn’t help myself, I plunged my fingers deep inside my cunt and made myself cum too. When I saw him moving in and out of her and the way that her body  was moving I knew that I had to experience the same thing.

I was enjoying it I wanted it to. Once he was done fucking her I lay down on the bed, and I put my arms up and spread my legs apart, and I let him wrap me up just like he did her. I fucking loved it!  So now anytime a man wants to try Domination Phone Sex with me  I am  ready for it. Give me a call and let’s try it out !

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I am in love with No Taboo Phone Sex, especially brown showers.My first experience was with this guy named John.  He said he was deep into brown showers and anything to do with the bathroom. He loved laying down on the bed and begging me to please come over and squat down and urinate all over his face and mouth and even on his chest. He then pulled me down onto his mouth telling me how much he wanted all my wastes inside of him.

He begged me to push hard, and I farted, and he started to sniff and said he loved how my fart smelled. He stated that he wanted me to keep pushing and when I did a shit log began to come out into his mouth. He opened his mouth wider and begged me to push harder. That is when my shit got out more. He was moaning, and you could see the precum dripping out of his cock because he was so excited to have my delicious sweet smelling shit in his mouth.

Once my shit log was in his mouth and got up and started to ride his cock. He kept sucking on my shit dildo. He was deep throating it just like a woman would when she was sucking a dick. He started to chew it up. He loved eating my shit, and we both came so hard while he was doing it. Now that is some hot Bathroom Phone Sex Have you ever had this kind of call before? If you like to talk about shit or piss, then I would love to talk to you. It turns me on so much now that I know more about it. I can not wait to do it again especially watching a man such a shit dildo!


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Discreet, confidential taboo phone sex with no limits! Must be over 18. $1.75 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. No connection fees. Visa, Mastercard, and Greendot accepted.