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Taboo Phone Sex

barely legal phone sex with mandy lynn


Aren’t you ready for some Barely Legal Phone Sex  tonight? I mean come on, who wouldn’t love to just hear a young girl like me cum over and over again on the phone for you. Do you want to make my tiny pussy squirt hard for daddy’s dick? I know that while mommy is away, daddy loves to play! So come on over daddy and pull out your big pedo dick for me to suck on. Mmmm slurp slurp slurp…. gag gag gag… We both know how you love your daughters underage mouth wrapped around that big daddy dick.

I bet Cock Sucking Phone Sex  really makes you throb. You are probably precumming all over the place aren’t you daddy? Don’t you think it might be nice to lick that precum up for me? I know that daddy loves to be dirty with his nasty teen daughter. The more nasty you get the more nasty your daughter will get for you! Have you ever dreamt of seeing your little girl get taken by all of your friends? Well then you have come to the right place daddy.

Your daughter loves to get one her knees and take all that dick in all of her holes. I want three in my face, grabbing me and forcing me to suck. I want one huge cock stretching my little pussy wide open. Trying to get me pregnant and then for laughs, I want a big black cock ripping my asshole apart. Come on daddy, come join us. You know that seeing your friends empty all of their loads in my face and pussy and ass is making you so close to cumming. Don’t you want to cum for your daughter in Barely Legal Phone Sex?


Barely Legal Phone Sex with Mandy Lynn

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You guys are in for quite a treat tonight when you call me for Molestation Phone Sex. I have a sexy, super young voice that goes perfectly with the young, kiddy age you want me to play for you tonight. We are going to role play that you are the neighbor and I am the sweet little child next door. I am outside playing in the sprinklers with my itty bitty bathing suite on. Giggles and I see you looking out of your kitchen window. I don’t know exactly what you are doing, but something tells me that you are getting it hard and prepared for my tight little body.

I hit my ball in to your yard so I have to come over and ask for it. You invite me in and offer me cookies. Oh how can I turn down cookies. Yummy, I love it when I come over for Pedophile Phone Sex. You pat the chair beside you and I plop down, still a little wet from the sprinkler. Put your hand on my thigh and move up towards my bald, underage cunt. Mmmm That tickles, but I really like it. Sliding my bathing suite bottoms to the side, you push a finger into my tight, virgin cunt.

Of course with my pedo voice, I beg you to be gentle. Your fingers are plunging in harder now, and I see you fumbling with your cock. Pulling it out, you wrap your hands in my hair and force my mouth open. I start to gag and my eyes are watering. Do you like that you have my drool running down my chin, as you face fuck my pretty little throat. Harder sir, please. I am getting so wet for our extremely taboo phone sex call. I promise that when you call me for Molestation Phone Sex, you will NOT be disappointed!

Molestation Phone Sex with Mistress Alexia

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Don’t you love that feeling all over your body, the little prickles that run across your skin during Sensual Domination Phone Sex? The feeling that your skin feels when my fingernails gently trail up and over all over your body giving you goosebumps while you’re blind folded. It’s all about not knowing where my fingers are going to take you or what I will be doing to you in sensual domination phone sex that makes your cock so rock hard. The feeling and the whirlwind of feelings being sent through your body, the goosebumps the sexual feelings being created wanting and needing to be released sending you to your edge. You are now mine and you will feel what I want you to feel as I’m the one in charge.

I’ll have you so worked over, your every nerve alive and on edge. Your cock swollen and throbbing begging for a release. That special spot has now awaken the one no one knows you crave so much, the “thing” you keep in the closet. I will use that tight little spot to my advantage. you know the one I am talking about? The one that likes to be drilled and filled? Thats the one!. Let me play with it a little with my strap on phone sex dick. Using it to my advantage making you mine ALWAYS. making you beg me, want me, need me.

Sensual phone sex love making is so erotically hot, I’d love to switch things around and be the receiver, feeling your tongue pleasuring me all over my body. Wanting to feel you telling me what you’re going to do to heighten all of my senses with your words, your hands and much much more in sensual domination phone sex. I would melt into your arms, be all yours to do what you want with me owning all my senses. Use your sexual toys, the ice, the wax and much much more, blow my mind in so many ways like I know you can. Join me in a sensual domination phone sex fuck!

Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Marissa Melody

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Lynette 2

Yesterday was my birthday and a very dear friend actually threw me a very nice & naughty surprise phone sex party. Now don’t get me wrong the party was fantastic great food, lots of friends I hadn’t seen in quite a while and a beautiful Devil’s food cake with that mouthwatering crème cheese frosting, delicious. Now let me tell you about the naughty I’d received several present but one, in particular, had my attention, my girlfriend the one who threw me the party said I have a gift for you but by no means open it up until after everyone leaves, she again whispered in my eyes DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE OPEN THAT PRESENT UP!!Well I’m sure you know that most women myself included hate to be told to wait I’m not much into delayed gratification, I want it and I want it now so by the end of party all I could think about was that beautifully wrapped present and what it held inside.

As the party was winding down and the last party goer was out the door, I turned to my friend and said NOW? With a soft chuckle she said yes you may open up your present now, but she said your gift has two parts and I’ll give you the second part as soon as you’ve open up your gift, well I was beside myself with anticipation as I unwrapped the present I looked at my friend with what I’m sure was a very confused look on my face. Inside the box a large and very nice Pussy pleasing dildo I mean the one with the little fillers so that the pussy and the clit get plenty of attention. I took the dildo out of the box and held it in my hand, as my longtime friend walked around me she took the dildo from my hand and told me here’s the second part of your gift and she grabbed my hand and lead me into the bedroom, she slowly undressed me kissing me long and hard making my pussy do something it’s never done before get so wet see I’ve never been with a women before so Lesbian Phone Sex was amazing. As she laid me back and inserted that cold hard dildo, as she liked my clit with her soft wet tongue.

I laid there with my eyes closed caught up in all the sensation of her mouth, and that hard dildo, she sucked hard on my ample 36DD breast, plunging that dildo in so deep it made me jump, then she took that dildo out of my pussy and placed it into my mouth telling me to taste my own pussy as she placed her head down between my legs and started eating my pussy better than anyone had ever before I was lost in her mouth and the taste of that pussy juice on my dildo. That night I orgasm over and over again to the point of exhaustion this was the best birthday gift ever and I might have to rethink my I love men only attitude because she just may have changed my mind. Definitely the best Surprise Phone Sex ever.

Surprise Phone Sex with Lynette Harris

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dirty phone sex with angela deen

I know all of my daddies love me for Submissive Daughter Phone Sex. I am a very dirty little barely legal phone sex slut and I will make sure I do everything that daddy says. I always do as I am told. Like yesterday you told me that you were going to let your friends come over and fill your daughters pinky pussy and puckered asshole up with cum. I did just that, I let them fill me up, use me and abuse me. Then when you came home, you had me feed you all their cum. I know daddy is a kinky old man.

Do you like having Extreme Ageplay Phone Sex with me daddy? I can even be as young as single digits if you really want me to be. I will get on all fours and I will beg for daddys cum to shoot all over my little single digits face. Cover me daddy with your baby making load. Or maybe I can be a just barely turned teen that you can fill up with your baby making load and breed me like the little cum dumpster that I am. Then when I have a baby girl, you can play with her too daddy! We can be an incest phone sex family for sure!

Whatever it is that daddy wants, I will make sure to give it to you. I will be as sick and twisted as you need. You want to have accomplice phone sex with me? Because I can certainly bring a little girl from my school home for a “school project” and we can torture her any way you want daddy. Whatever my daddy needs, let your slutty underage daughter help you out! I want to give you the ultimate Submissive Daughter Phone Sex call that you have ever had!

Submissive Daughter Phone Sex with Angela Deen

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Okay boys, its time I come clean about my love of Big Black Cock Phone Sex. While my husband is slaving away at work every day, I have the local lawn boy come over. At first it was just for touch ups to the shrubs around the house. Then it was more odds and ends that I needed done. Eventually he worked his way up to coming inside and doing things around the house. I was always dressed very sexily. There is just something about a big, rock hard black man with sweat pouring off of his chiseled body.

While he was working on the shower in my master bedroom, I thought this may be my only opportunity to show him just what I want. His back was turned towards me, standing on a ladder fumbling with the shower head. I slide my hands up around his stomach and found his belt buckle. I can’t believe how close I am to enjoying a good ol Cheating Wife Phone Sex call. I pulled his long, black cock right out of his pants and I almost fell out when I saw it with my own two eyes. He was HUGE, and my pussy just started to drip.

I turned him around, and to his astonishment, I opened my mouth and just gobbled his cock right on up. Sliding my mouth up and down his dick, gagging as he forces my submissive, white head down. Tears rolling down my face and my tits jiggling, I was sucking like a bitch in heat. He grabbed me by my hair and forced me to turn around and bend over right there on the toilet. I yanked down my panties, and pulled up my skirt. I felt that big dick start to penetrate me. It wasn’t long until he had me squirting all over his cock. That just drove him to the edge, and he pumped away into my married pussy. I want to feel that Big Black Cock Phone Sex prick cream pie my cheating pussy.

Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Cougar Kendall

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You wanna know what Anything Goes phone sex lady is doing right this very minute? I’m lying in my jetted bathtub right now with a sexy Erotic DVD playing on the flat screen and scented candles all laid out and my waterproof vibrating Sex toys within easy reach and my laptop sitting right in front of me on my tub shelf. I love scooping up a hand full of bubbles and blowing them all over!!! Ooohh but we all know that bubbles are NOT the only things I like to Blow them all over LOL!

Being in heated swirling water has always made me super-hot and Horny and I cannot sleep until I get someone with a Big huge Cock to give me a good hard fucking so my cum can explode out of me!!! My Sex toys and those tub jets aimed at the right spots will only do so much and there’s nothing like a real man to get a hard job good and done!!! Would this man be you? Don’t be shy…Is this the first time you’re thinking of being with a girl like me? Well how about we start very slow… while you go and get undressed and grab your phone the lay down get ready for a dam good mature Phone sex girl to take care of you .

I’m going lay down start touching myself after I reached for my 10 inch thick vibrating Dildo and I’m going to turn it on to high how nice it feel starting to go in …now I’m putting the tip of the fat mushroom right in and on that sweet spot…you know the one, right in between our balls and Assholes!!! Mmmmmmm holy fuck that feels exxxtreemly hot!!!! It’s getting me soooo hard right now! Okay, are you about ready to call me for your First Phone Sex Fuck? Cuz I wanna introduce all of my sexy self to you during Anything Goes Phone Sex!!!

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Mature Tess

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Vampiress Morticia

Hello my Lords, peasants and minions, Your Vampiress Morticia is waiting for your freaky fetish phone sex calls day and night. Like you, this is my outlet to talk about all the things we can’t talk about with anybody else, but know that I understand your fetishes and will make your fantasies come to life on my phone sex line. I will specifically tailor your freaky fetishes and fantasies to my own and together we will have a mind blowing experience you will not soon forget.

Your Vampiress Morticia is not your run of the mill vanilla phone sex operator, I promise to deliver and give you a mind blowing experience. Your freaky fetishes are safe with me, whatever you can imagine, I will do, Lords sit on your thrown with me as we ravage the streets and have our ways with the peasants we hunt. I have NO limits or restrictions on my phone sex site, I love to play out your sickest and most demented stories. My Lord, you will not want to stop once we get started!

Peasants and minions, kneel before your Vampiress Morticia and call my phone sex site where I will make all of your freaky fantasy come true. You will kneel at the feet of your Vampiress and tremble as I decide your fate, will I let you live to see another morning or will tonight be your last night on this earth, the only way you will find out is to call my fetish phone sex line where your destiny will be determined.

Fetish Phone Sex with Vampiress Morticia

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Hi, I’m Mommy Anjelica. I love family fun phone sex and blow job phone sex. I love to suck cock, especially of my sweet young son! I really love no taboo phone sex , so that I can work my sexy boys and girls into a hot lather, making pussies wet and cocks super hard! I love to play with myself while you watch. My pussy is shaved, pink, tight and dripping with honey juice. Would you like to lick my pussy? I’d love to have you slide your fingers inside of me and finger fuck me while you suck on my big DD titties. I also love to make family fun home movies. We can take turns being the star, and jack each other off and you can fuck Mommy real deep in my honey hole.

Daddy loves to fuck Mommy while you watch. I love to suck Daddy’s hard , raging cock while I jack you off with my hand. Role play phone sex is also a favorite of mine. I love to dress you in my panties. I have red, pink, black, white, green, yellow, polka dot and heart print panties. I have lacy panties, silky panties, granny panties, thongs, little baby bloomers, plastic baby panties, and all kinds of cotton panties as well! I love no taboo phone sex for sucking multitudes of men at the porno theater, as well as sucking cock and helping you learn to be a sissy slut with me!

My fantasies and yours know no limits. We can have a cum explosion as I teach you how to be Mommy’s little fuck buddy and cum whore. I can be your sister that catches you sniffing my panties and then sucks off your big, hard raging cock with nympho phone sex. I have the perkiest DD tits that love to be played with and sucked on. I love to have my nipples squeezed and have you nurse on Mommy. Let’s have a great time baby!! Call now, and let’s play Family Fun Phone Sex.

Family Fun Phone Sex with Mommy Anjelica

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Oh, please young one, come lay on the bed and let me sit on you for Smothering Phone Sex. I want to take my big, fat juicy thighs and wrap them around your head while i bury my puffy pussy down onto  your face. Stick your tongue out and see if you can please me while i try and force you to stop breathing. I feel your body jerk underneath of me. Yes I know that you are so close to passing out because you are drowning in my pussy juice. That’s a good boy, drink my cum up. I will make sure that you are happy after. If you survive.

Once I have cum down your chest, I will climb off. Your face is almost blue in color because you couldn’t breathe. No i kiss and lick myself down your sweaty body. Taking a nibble of you as I lead to your cock. I bet you want my mouth wrapped around your shaft don’t you? You want to feel my chubby cheeks swallow your thick man cock. Mmmm fill my mouth. Let’s see just how good of a cock gobbler I can be for you. I will make sure that your close to blowing your load before I slide my BBW Phone Sex pussy down on you.

Are you ready for this cunt baby? Southern milf Sadie Hill is going to make all of your dirty boy dreams come true. Feel my sloppy wet pussy slide down onto your prick. My GG Tits are dangling in your face and I know it is just a matter of time before you tongue fuck them. Pull my nipples into your mouth and suck the milk right out of them. I bet that will make your cock stand straight up. I bet your cock is so close to cumming during your nasty Smothering Phone Sex fantasy.

Smothering Phone Sex with Sadie Hill

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I’m a big girl with a big appetite for nasty taboo phone sex fantasies nothing makes me hotter than a mutual masturbation session as we discover what turns us on.Are you the kinda man that loves BBW girls with big tittes and a big soft jiggly ass? You know what they say, there’s nothing better than more cushion for the pushing. So start cock stroking, get your fuck stick nice and hard then poke it in all my folds and cock stroke it, baby.

When you’re about to blow give me a big titty fuck and as you guide that swollen head close to my mouth, I’m going to kiss it then I’m going to cock suck it until I can cum eat your sticky load. Are you an ass man? Let me roll over and spread my thick thighs and entice you into an anal phone sex fucking. Imagine you on your knees behind me playing with my soft wide cheeks, spread them, ass worship me with a thick dildo to stretch my hole then ass fuck me.  Need it a little more taboo? Stick it in nice and deep and I’ll strain to get it nice and dirty, then pull it out, I’ll play in my scat if that turns you on.

I’m an anything goes girl that loves to get kinky, dirty and nasty and I’ll be masturbating right along with you in our taboo phone sex calls. You can get as filthy as you want with me, no limits to any of our dirty phone sex calls. I will make sure all your fantasies get played out!  So call me, let’s share our kinky taboo phone sex desires and cum together!

Taboo Phone Sex with Marlene Star

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Come on my little sissyboy phone sex slut you can tell me how much you like those hot rape fantasy videos that we watched together. How do you think that you can even deny something like that? Look how fucking pathetic you look at those little lacy pink panties you have one looking like a girlie girl. I know you want that little hot tight man pussy of yours fucked don’t you? I see how you twitch your ass when you walk trying to get all those big black cocks to stand up for you. Oh I bet I know what your into…

Cuckolding phone sex huh? You like to get that sexy wife of yours all dressed up in some sexy dress you got just for that special night. Then she invites over that big black man with the huge cock to come show her what a real orgasm feels like, not the ones that she has to pretend she is having with you! When he gets there you walk into the room and drop to your knees opening your little slutty mouth and sucking that huge cock into your throat making sure to get it nice and hard just for your wive don’t you? Come on you can admit it to me little faggot!

Sissy boy phone sex is what your all about come on I know that already after seeing you deep throat that cock better than I could of your fucking hot wife. I know little sissy faggot get over there in the corner and sit down and pull that little tiny cock out and stroke it while a real man with a huge black cock takes control of your wives sweet tight pussy as you watch him stretch her out making her fucking cum all over his black dick.

Sissy Boy Phone Sex with Melinda Kae

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Hi I’m sooooooo excited to finally put all of my dirty thoughts and fantasies and naughty adventures all in one place where you…my Taboo Phone Sex admirers can all read and then jack off once you’re done…or half way through…I know that some of you have a hard time with the foreplay stuff lol!!!! I know it won’t be the same as phone fucking me on the cordless while I’m making you do dirty degrading exciting things to your tight little Asshole but. Okay a little more about my pretty self…well…I’m a real go getter for all different sizes of cock…and the occasional piece of Wet Juicy Pussy, My fat cock friends measures 9 full delicious thick inches.

when I’m listening to your voice over the phone, and I love to shake my sexy round ass on the dance floor while making all the guys drool and want me…and what I got pack in my cute little thong panties! Sooooo hhmmmm what was I thinking about just before I started my new blog…oohhhh ya!!! Tonight is a full moon and I was thinking about me and you meeting up on a deserted beach and not saying a word but just walking up to each other and sharing a wet warm kiss with just enough tongue to get us both hard and horny…

you look over and see a big rock a few feet away in the water…kinda like a tiny island…just big enough for the two of us. We go to it…when we get there we are all wet and our clothes are twisted and sticking to our bodies and you pull me up on top of you and we lay down and 69 each other and within seconds we both blow our hot messy loads in our mouths…wow!!! Hows that for a start? Mmmmm I can’t wait for you to call me and let me know how you would carry on this sexy story!!! Mauh…We will talk soon baby in Taboo Phone Sex calls!!

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I may not be your average babysitter phone sex girl but I am the hottest babysitter in my neighborhood. All the men around here can not keep their eyes off of me. They know that if they were with me I would rock their worlds better than their wives ever thought of doing. Although, I must admit some of them have some hot ass wives especially the one that has their bedroom window right across from my window. At first I started to strip in front of the window because of the husband always looking at me but that quickly changed.

When I saw his wife standing there I knew I needed to have me some voyeur phone sex. She was standing with her back to the window as she started to take her little black dress off I noticed what a delicious looking ass she had. It was so perfect and so round. It was one of those asses that you want to drop down under and just lick and suck every part of them pussy and ass. You know what I am talking about, one you just want to get as nasty and freaky as you can with. I knew I needed to find a way to get closer to her.

That is when I decided to use my babysitter phone sex skills. I knew that she needed help with the little ones because the other neighbors told me so I put on the hottest little pink dress I had on and walked over. When I knocked she came to the door in nothing but a robe she said she was sorry she just got out from the shower. I could tell by the way she undressed me with her eyes that she wanted me just the way I wanted her. I walked in and closed the door and went right to work during our Babysitter Phone Sex call with  that hot fucking ass of hers.

Babysitter Phone Sex with Jessica Reese

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I have always loved me some Age Play Phone Sex. I love playing with those sweet young things that have those bald little pink pussies that are to die for. Ever since I had my first little twat to lick all I can think about is the delicious juices dripping into my mouth. It tastes just like sweet candy and I can just imagine what daddies hard cock taste like, I bet it taste like those sweet lollipops that I use to suck on when I was little and we had lots of age play fun. Daddy is the one that taught me how to play with sweet little ones.

Daddy has always told me that Incest Phone Sex is the best and that I should always want to play with my hot little sister and her friends. Daddy even told me that being a naughty girl and playing with any little girl is good. Now I have to admit all I crave and want is hot little pussy. Will you come and help me lick it baby? I know we can get off together while playing with her hot little twat. I promise my sister and her friends will not disappoint you. I trained them well.

They know how to have lots of ageplay phone sex too now. They love slurping up a hard cock into their little throats. I will even hold their heads down for you while you let them taste that lollipop daddy just like you taught me how to do. I want to be daddies naughty little slut and train all the little ones that he wants me to, to be his little fun slut during our Age Play Phone Sex call.

Age Play Phone Sex with Casey Lynn

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