Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

It’s no secret that I’m a real Queen. I mean. I definitely will do anything to get what I want and I do demand nothing but the best. I would consider myself a Blackmail Phone Sex queen. And as a queen, I expect the very best from my little loser money slaves. I expect to be pampered, showered with cash, and worshipped.

But wait, because that’s just the beginning.

Now, even though I expect all my worshippers to give me gifts fit for a queen, there is another layer to this tangled web. I love Domination, And when I say that I mean Financial Domination Phone Sex! Why should someone as sexy as myself ever have to worry about making money or even lifting a finger? You are the ones who work and slave at a 9-5 job so that I don’t have to. And you love doing it just for my pleasure, don’t you? Working hard and then thinking about when you come home and decide to deposit that check, you know damn well that you’re going to give it all to me.

You can barely keep your apartment up and going, can’t you? You lied to your mother telling her it was just a bad time of the year and of course she helps you with the rent not even realizing that her son is a victim of Financial Domination Phone Sex. It is worth it though, isn’t it? Pleasing your mistress gives you the satisfaction that even though you a pathetic loser someone still appreciates you. At least you are worth something too somebody.

You are under my spell and tangled in my trap now.

You could never go back. You know what that would mean, don’t you? your wife and family would be mortified at all these videos and pics I have. We wouldn’t want that, would we?

  Financial Domination Phone Sex with Mistress Connie 800 613 1829


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