Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex


I’m a very kinky girl. I love doing Erotic Fetish Phone Sex Fantasy calls and exploring different kinky fetishes. It’s the perfect scenario if you’re into Food Play. The possibilities are so endless.

Playing with your food takes on a whole new meaning.

Let’s have a wide variety of vegetables, a can of whip cream, cherries, and chocolate syrup ready to play. We can have such a kinky, erotic time. You could do some pussy worshiping using zucchini or cucumber as a sex toy or use some chocolate syrup as lube and stroke my fuck hole. You could make a Sunday and fill my cunt with chocolate syrup, cherries, and whip cream; then stick your dick in and do some cock stroking until you blow your load inside and then I’ll sit on your face so you can lick out my cream pie. I’ll flip over for some ass-worshiping, maybe, you want to make another Sunday? We can have a sweet ass licking good time. Let’s play a while with that zucchini now. Open my ass right up with it. Mmm, I love spreading my cheeks wide.

Now it’s my turn, I’m going to cover your dick with chocolate syrup and whip cream and give you a blow job and drive that cock deep into my throat as I suck all the goodies off of your rock-hard dick. I love a little added flavor when I’m cock sucking. Come on baby, let’s have some Perverted Phone Sex as we explore food play while we mutually masturbate in our Erotic Phone Sex fantasy.

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