Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

Lillie Ann

You should really call me, daddy. I know you need your sweet little girl for Underage Phone Sex. I will do anything and everything it takes to make sure my daddy is super happy. Bring your little girl to bed with you while mommy is at work. I promise that I won’t tell mommy what we are doing. Slowly strip me down and kiss me all over me. Be really sensual with me daddy and I will return the favor. I want you to get naked and let me show you just how much you turn me on. I am going to drop to my knees and open my mouth just like you taught me.

I want to take that pedo cock into my mouth.

I am going to suck the pre-cum right off that cock daddy. I am going to swirl my tongue all over your cock and balls. Can you feel your balls fill up with cum daddy? You know during age-play phone sex you can shoot it anywhere you want. You can blow deep into my little girl’s mouth if that would make you happy daddy. I would love nothing more than to drink up all your daddy’s sperm. Fill my tummy up, daddy. Or do you like the thought of imp

I want to lay back daddy and feel you fill my little bald cunt. Slide right into me bareback and hit my little cervix. Making the tip of your cock so sensitive daddy. Keep going, right there daddy. I feel myself about to squirt daddy. Don’t you want me to squirt all over that daddy’s cock before you blow your load? Feel my underage baby pussy stretch and suck your cock in. My juices running down your balls As long as you fill up my pussy with that baby-making batter I promise to do whatever you want. Oh daddy cum in me during our Age Play Phone Sex call.


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