Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

Jade Schmidt

So your cock is rock hard and throbbing uncontrollably inside your pants. It will come in the form of JOI Phone Sex. It seems as though you desperately need some help getting control of that wild penis of yours. That’s where I come in and save the day with the cure for those blue balls.   I know exactly what to tell you to produce the biggest and hardest orgasm possible. This is important since the load shot’s size is directly proportional to the amount of pleasure you enjoy.

I have helped many men in the same situation…

That you’re in the right this very moment. I have a reputation for serving up the best JOI Phone Sex. I can help you through the entire process of becoming aroused to the grand finale, which happens right over the phone. It begins when you hear my sweet soft voice telling you exactly how to stroke that hard dick. I will guide you through the entire process, first getting you aroused and putting that boner of yours to good use. I will not stop until you have squirted out every last drop of cum from those aching balls.

You’ll feel totally spent.

Getting you hard and throbbing is all part of my job as a JOIPhone Sex professional specializing in jack-off instructions. I am also responsible for guiding you through the entire process until your dick pulses and squirts and the pleasure overwhelms your senses. After I instruct you on the perfect way to beat your meat for the maximum pleasure possible, you’ll feel totally spent. I won’t simply tell you to jerk off; I’ll teach you every tip and trick I know. No one knows how to stroke and make an erect penis feel good like I do. Experience is, without a doubt, the best teacher on the planet, and I want to pass my knowledge of masturbation on to you.

JOI Phone Sex with Jade Schmidt 800 613 1829

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