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Taboo Phone Sex


Carly Madison

There is something about making a pathetic loser join in on Cuckold Phone Sex that makes my cunt drip. My daddy would always sneak into my room when he thought I wasn’t looking just to watch my big nigger boyfriend give it to me like the greedy cock whore I was. But I saw him alright; I would drop to my knees open wide and make sure he saw me gagging and choking on that dick. There came a time when I actually started telling my boyfriend just what a little dick loser my dad was. For some reason telling him about my Dad being a sissy cuckold turned him on even more and made him squirt harder and more profound than I had ever felt.

I figured it wouldn’t be too long before my dad wouldn’t be able to just sit by quietly and would ache to join in on the Cuckold Phone Sex fun. That is precisely what he did! My nigger boyfriend was really pounding me away from behind. Driving his thick dick deep into my tight little asshole. I could hear huffing and panting like a dog in fucking heat. I knew he was close to blowing, so I told him to come out. “Come on out, Daddy, I know you’re in my closet jerking it…” He came out with his pants around his ankles. Looking like a queer fucking loser. He knows he has no chance of ever sticking it in me, but I did want him to join in another way.

My Big Black Cock Phone Sex boyfriend pulled out of me and shoved his massive dick deep into my Dad’s mouth. “Suck it, bitch…” I watched his eyes bulge as he swallowed that big juicy dick he had attempted to. His eyes were watering, spit running down his chin, and hitting his little pecker. He has a baby-sized cock that he was just walking away from it. I saw my man grab him by the head and start to face fuck him like he was his own personal cunt. All of a sudden, I saw Dad’s eyes widen even more. I saw that nigger cock squirting his load, and I just couldn’t help myself. Fingers in my cunt, I was squirting right along with him, watching my own Daddy turn into my personal little slave. I am sure this story must have gotten your little cock hard! So why not grab your phone, grab your dick, and give me a call so we can have our own little personal Cuckold Phone Sex fantasy!

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