Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

My husband and I have an open relationship, so having a reputation for giving the best head can be a lot of fun, especially when your husband not only knows about it but arranges Blowjob Phone Sex. You see, my husband knows how much I need sex and that I was not getting enough just being with him. He started to bring his friends home for me. At first, I thought it was a little strange and said no because I used to cheat, but not when he was watching, and that is what he wanted to do. The first time he brought a friend home, I agreed to let him fuck me in front of him, and it was amazing but at the same time very strange because my husband was watching and he was sitting in the corner of the room jacking off while his friend pounded my pussy.

Then the second time, he brought home a guy with a beautiful dick. It was the perfect size and shape, and he knew how to make a woman cum over and over again before he even started to cum. I could not resist him, and after him, I loved when my husband brought his friends home. Sometimes, I even asked him when he would bring one home. I would cook dinner for the three of us and then get into something really sexy before they came walking in the door. We always had a few glasses of wine before heading to the bedroom if we even made it that far. Sometimes, we would just do the nasty in the kitchen or the living room.

I think the hottest time was when we could not leave the kitchen. I would be getting up from the table to put the dishes in the sink, and sometimes he would take me and bend me over the table and pull my skirt up and panties to the side and do me good right there while my husband stroked his dick. Sometimes I would call him over so I could suck him off too. There is no need for my husband’s cum to go to waste when I can have it down my throat. I love when I get them both to bust their loads in me or on me, making me their hot little horny cum slut for Cheating wife Phone Sex.

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