Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

I Fucking Love Roleplay Phone Sex! Today has been such a good day. I started with a hot call before I got out of bed. I got to do my favorite thing, which is to make shit up to fulfill my guys’ fantasy. I know exactly what he wants, which in this case was to think of a good reason why he shouldn’t call the police after I ran into him at a red light. It’s just a minor fender bender, and it barely left a dent, but I am in a panic because I don’t want another hit on my insurance.

I jumped out of the car with my tight, short skirt on, my long legs showing. My very low-cut top shows off my gorgeous tits, and they bounce enticingly as I run up to his car window. I notice he watches me in the side mirror as I run up. He’s checking out my body, and I make a mental note.

After apologizing for hitting him, I begged him not to call the police and asked if there wasn’t some way I could make it up to him. I make sure to bounce my tits in his face as I ask. “Sure, follow me home,” he says, and I envision myself on m knees in front of him while he faces fucks me. When we arrived, I quickly exited the car and met him at his door. I drop to my knees, inviting him to put his cock right where I want it, which is in my cum sucking mouth!

The call is so hot my creamy pussy is dripping from the excitement…

of the phone sex tease. My fingers are tickling my clit into a significant orgasm while on what I consider the hottest phone sex call. I wonder if I will get any more steamy  Erotic Phone Sex calls today?

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