Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

No one, not even my boyfriend of six months expected me to be so much into Extreme Phone Sex. He had confessed to me this sadistic secret rape fantasy that he had. So one night I decided I would make his fantasy a reality. I invited him over with the promise of a no taboo fuck session. When he got there I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to force me to fuck him. His eyes lit up! I looked down and his cock was rock hard. I told him I wanted a hardcore fucking. So he pushed me down and tied my hands to the bed.

He said are you sure there are no limits?

I nodded and he took his dick out and smacked my face with it. He then started Spanking Phone Sex until it was bright red. He must have really gotten into the role because he said: “if you stay quiet this will go a lot easier on you”. He then picked up my vibrating Strap On Phone Sex Toy and rammed it into my ass. He then jammed his throbbing cock deep into my soaking wet cunt. I moaned so loud feeling full with both of my fuck holes filled with hard cocks. He pulled my hair back and started biting on my big tits.

I whimpered in satisfaction. This must have sent him over the edge because all of a sudden he let out a moan and forced his fuck stick further inside me as he dropped a hot and sticky load of cum deep inside my pussy. After that, he lay beside me smiling. Call me baby let’s have some fun tonight now.

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