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Taboo Phone Sex

Robin Ramey

I recently had a hot Role Play Phone Sex call that I truly enjoyed. In this fantasy scenario, I slept over at my best friend’s house for a sleepover. Her older brother is such a hottie; I couldn’t help but continually flirt with him, showing off my sexy body, using Tease and Denial tactics on him. I may be a virgin, but that certainly doesn’t mean that my mouth is a virgin! I wanted to taste his cock so bad. I really wanted him to get a taste of my tight, wet pussy, too. I absolutely love oral sex. Even though I can be a Princess sometimes, I can still always manage to get a taste of cock from whomever I want it from, and I think guys get turned on by that, knowing that I could have any man that I want, so they get really excited when it’s their cock that I want to face fuck me.

Guys can never seem to say no to me-

during young voice phone sex. It isn’t hard to get exactly what I want from guys; all I have to do is twirl my hair, flash a big smile at them, and maybe bend over to show off some cleavage or bend over so they can sneak a look under my miniskirt. My best friend’s brother wound up winking at me during my role-play, so I knew that I would be getting exactly what I wanted that night. I tiptoed into his bedroom once my best friend had fallen asleep. He already was rock hard, with his cock in hand. Want to know the rest of the sexy story? Well, I guess you’ll just have to call me then for some Naughty Teen Phone Sex. I hope to hear from you.

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