Taboo Phone Sex And Extreme Fetish Fantasies

Taboo Phone Sex

Oh, you guys that love some hot Mother In Law Phone Sex. My daughter and of course your wife is beautiful but I am over the top sexy and you and I both know it. I have to admit that I have always enjoyed flirting with you, son-in-law. Yes, it is so taboo and  Maybe that is why it’s such a turn-on for me.I get wet thinking about that lingering kiss on the cheek or a close hug as you feel my tits pressing against your chest. What about my hand brushing against your thigh as I bite my lip, grind my thighs together and look into your eyes.


I get wet thinking about that lingering kiss on the cheek…

You always shift nervously when I get so outrageously brazen. I am sure you have noticed that my skirts are a little shorter and my blouse is unbuttoned a bit lower when you’re around. I don’t think she has even noticed all the glances between the two of us. I need some Taboo Phone Sex and  I want to seduce you so badly.


I have fantasized about your cock when I masturbate but I need to make it a reality. At the next family gathering, I want to follow you upstairs and corner you, pressing up against you and whispering how much I want you.  Your pants are unzipped and I’m on my knees with your dick in my mouth working on your shaft like an expert until I stop and take you into the bedroom for a sexual experience of a lifetime. Your wife is downstairs with the rest of the family while we get so nasty with each other. I am an expert in MILF Phone Sex and I am dying to rock your world.

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